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Dual Language Program

Dual Language Spanish Program: Unlocking Academic Literacy in Two Languages

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to our Dual Language Spanish Program at I.S.73. We are excited to share with you the unique and enriching experience our program offers to students who are eager to become bilingual and biliterate.

What is a Dual Language Spanish Program?

A Dual Language Spanish Program is a program designed to immerse ELL students as well as non-ELL students in both English and Spanish, fostering proficiency in both languages. At I.S.73, this program is a comprehensive approach that spans multiple subjects, ensuring students develop academic literacy in both English and Spanish.

Program Goals: Academic Literacy in Two Languages

Our primary goal is to empower students to excel academically in both languages. By integrating the curriculum with a dual-language approach, we aim to provide students with the linguistic skills and cultural awareness necessary for success in a globalized world. Through this program, students not only become bilingual but also biliterate, allowing them to communicate effectively and engage with diverse perspectives.

Dedicated Teachers, Inspired Students

Our Dual Language Spanish Program is led by a team of passionate and dedicated educators who are committed to providing an exceptional learning experience. These teachers bring their expertise, enthusiasm, and love for language learning into the classroom, creating an environment where students feel inspired to explore and embrace the richness of both English and Spanish.

Meet our dual language teachers here!

Six Years of Success: Celebrating Milestones

We are proud to announce that our Dual Language Spanish Program has been an integral part of I.S.73 for six successful years. Over this time, we have witnessed the growth and achievement of our students as they navigate their educational journey in both languages. The program's longevity is a testament to its effectiveness and the positive impact it has on our students.

Join us on this exciting bilingual adventure at I.S.73! Whether you are a native Spanish speaker or eager to learn a new language, our Dual Language Spanish Program is designed to accommodate and celebrate the diversity of our student body.

For more information about our program or to enroll, please contact Assistant Principal Adriana Bell at [email protected]. ¡Estamos emocionados de darle la bienvenida a nuestra comunidad bilingüe! (We are excited to welcome you to our bilingual community!)