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IS73 (24Q073) The Frank Sansivieri Intermediate School
70-02 54 Avenue, Maspeth, NY 11378 | 8am-3pm: 718-639-3817
Principal: Michael Casale
Parent Coordinator: Cynthia Dicochea 718-639-3817
Transportation Secretary: Lisa Bruno - [email protected]
Fax: 718-429-5162
To request records please contact:
Lourdes Rodriguez
718-639-3817 ext. 1244
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I.S. 73 is a middle school in Maspeth, New York. We serve a very diverse community with over 30 different home languages spoken. As a result of our large student population of over 2,000 children, we have established five academies. These academies are “small learning communities” which create a smaller school within one large one.
Each academy has an Assistant Principal, Guidance Counselor, and Dean who serve as each student’s “go-to team.” This “go-to team” is a support system for the students and their families within their academies. Each academy is created equally and students are randomly selected for their academy designation as they enter I.S. 73. From that point on, each academy team works with their students, both academically and emotionally, preparing them for highschool, college and future careers!
We are continuing our work in improving school to home communication. Our goal is to maximize the use of this website to provide you with current information on a variety of school-wide happenings, and will update multiple times weekly throughout the school year. We will provide up-to-date links to academic information, after school programs, and academy information, and post all announcements as frequently as possible. We hope you find this website useful and helpful. Additionally, you can use our notification app School News by Edlio to get updates straight to your mobile device. Please do not hesitate to provide feedback on how we can improve the website to further our communication between school and home.