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Plastics (Blue bin): Only plastics stamped with the 1 or 2 recycling code should be put into blue bins. Check container for marking or 5c deposit on label. Everything else cannot be processed by NYS and should go into the regular trash.
Examples of recyclable: Clear water bottles, soda bottles, aluminum cans can also be added to this bin.
Examples of non-recyclable: Arizona bottles, Snapple plastic, soiled containers, others marked with a 3, 4, 5,  6, or 7.
Paper (Green bin): All unsoiled paper, no staples please. Cardboard if small, otherwise leave that to the side. 
Garbage can: Soiled (food or other biological materials) papers and plastics, basically everything else that does not go in bins mentioned above
Toner Waste: When you receive a new toner cartridge and install it, place your old one back into wrapping, then into the box. Use the button to the right to access the free returns process and get a label. Seal the box, affix the label. Drop in the front door mailing bin for shipment.