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Log in to MySchools and Register for the SHSAT!

Starting today, families of all current 8th grade and first-time 9th grade students can log in to your MySchools accounts and register for the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT)

Emergency Broadband Benefit

The Federal Emergency Broadband Benefit Program helps to lower the cost of high-speed internet, computers, and tablets for eligible low-income households during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Catholic High School

TACHS details for families

Please review the following information if you are interested in having your child apply for NYC Catholic High Schools. According to this calendar, the last day current 8th grade students' families can sign up for the exam is October 24th,2021 (by 5pm). If your child is registered for the TACHS exam, then you must notify your child's academy counselor as a TACHS Applicant Record has to be completed by our school and sent to each school to which you are applying.



Time: 5 PM
Location: Neighborhood

About Us

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Welcome to our school! We believe that parent participation is key to student success; our new website is designed to provide parents with all the information they need to be active participants in their student’s education. You will find that the site works just as well on mobile devices as it does on a desktop so you can find information on the go.
We also have a convenient app available on iOS and Android. Learn more and Download here.

Our Mission

Nurturing tomorrow’s future!

I.S. 73 provides a structured learning environment where all learners are provided with equal access and opportunities to participate in the curriculum. Through continuous assessments and differentiating instruction, students’ individual needs are met by utilizing a continuous data-driven approach. Staff members make appropriate decisions as they analyze data and implement various instructional strategies to support student learning, as well as to determine student short term and long term goals. I.S. 73’s collaborative approach in engaging staff members, parents, and students to become active members within the school community, help support students’ social and emotional wellbeing and inspire them to be active, lifelong learners.