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Digital Citizenship Week

Help students reflect on how their digital lives impact their social and emotional well-being in three simple steps.

Emergency Broadband Benefit

The Federal Emergency Broadband Benefit Program helps to lower the cost of high-speed internet, computers, and tablets for eligible low-income households during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scholastic Book Fair

Our first Scholastic Book Fair for this school year will take place during the week of Tuesday, October 12- Friday, October 15th.
Students will visit the book fair in the auditorium during academy assembly periods.
Students in the Bradbury Academy will be scheduled throughout the week.

TACHS details for families

Please review the following information if you are interested in having your child apply for NYC Catholic High Schools. According to this calendar, the last day current 8th grade students' families can sign up for the exam is October 24th,2021 (by 5pm).

If your child is registered for the TACHS exam, then you must notify your child's academy counselor as a TACHS Applicant Record has to be completed by our school and sent to each school to which you are applying.
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