Welcome to the I.S. 73 Frank Sansivieri school website!  I.S. 73 is a middle school in Maspeth, New York.  We serve a very diverse community with over 30 different home languages spoken.  As a result of our large student population of over 2,000 children, we have established five academies.  These academies are “small learning communities” which create a smaller school within one large one.  Each academy has an Assistant Principal, Guidance Counselor, and Dean who serve as each student’s “go to team.”  This “go to team” serves as a support system for the students and their families within their academies.  Each academy is created equally and students are randomly selected for their academy designation as they enter I.S. 73.  From that point on, each academy team works with their students, both academically and emotionally, preparing them for High School, College and future Careers! 

 We are continuing our work in improving school to home communication.  Our goal is to maximize the use of this new website to provide you with more up-to-date information on a variety of school-wide happenings.  We will provide links to academic information, after school programs, and academy information as frequently as possible.  We hope you find this website useful and helpful.  Please do not hesitate to provide us with feedback on how we can improve this website to further improve upon our communication between school and home.

Upcoming Events



3rd Marking Period Ends  -March 9th

Parent Teacher Conferences ( Early Dismissal  ) - March 16th

*ELA State Exam - March 28,29,30


Spring Recess (School Closed) - April 10th - 18th


*Math State Exam - May 2,3,4

Wizard of Oz Performances - May 11th -12th

 Senior Trip - Great Adventure May 24th

Memorial Day (School Closed) -May 29th


Junior Arista 6pm - I.S.73  Auditorium - June 7th

Anniversary Day (No School For Students) June 8th

Cap and Gown Distribution - June 9th

Clerical Day (No School For Students)  June 12th

Senior Prom - (tentative) - June 20th

Senior Graduation - St Johns University at 4pm - June 22

Last Day of School  June 28th


Take the NYC 2017 School Surve - Due Friday March 31st

Parents Please Vote - $100,000 Funding

Statment of Accessibility