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Graduates! Don't lose all your hard work when you move on from 73! Click the link below to see a video on how to transfer all of your google files to another account.

How to transfer your google files to another account

A special video from this years school musical Annie Jr.


Step 1 - Student Daily Attendance

Click Here - Please click to take attendance ONCE each day

Step 2 - Click the 'Google Classroom' button below to access your google classroom.

Step 3 - Complete the daily assignments your teachers post in their google classroom for you.

This page will have tools for you and we will change it to add new things whenever we find them, please feel free to use them all to help you.

We recommend bookmarking this page so you can come back easily every day with one click.

Parents click this if you need more information.

A note for IS 73 Students and Families.

As of Wednesday, May 27th, PupilPath will be shut down for our end of year maintenance procedures. We ask that our students and families continue to utilize Google Classroom for current information regarding student participation and performance. Thank you in advance for your support. Be well.

We understand that this is a challenging process and a challenging time but we are all ready to give our best effort at moving forward successfully.

For a guide to using Google Classroom services please click this link

For Google Account assistance please email

For all other questions or assistance during this process please contact us directly at

Please watch the video(s) below for an introduction to our online learning process

If you are having trouble using your iPad for google classroom please check these tips.

Bilingual Version, scroll for Spanish

iPad Assist Doc Draft 3.24.20.pdf
Google Account Login.pdf