The Frank Sansivieri Intermediate School

IS73 (24Q073) The Frank Sansivieri Intermediate School

70-02 54 AVENUE Maspeth, NY 11378

Principal: Michael Casale

9am-1pm: 909-681-1378

Daisy Rangel Parent Coordinator: 347-563-4199

Please watch the video(s) below for an introduction to our online learning process

Schools will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year

All learning will take place online each day

Please log in to your IS73 google account. Everything will be in one place, our ONLINE LEARNING tab. For EVERYTHING related to online work, please go there by clicking the button above or entering the tab from our page menu.

Please help us by logging in to attendance every day using the link at the top of the online learning center.

Who can I contact if I have issues?

Breakfast and Lunch will now be provided at P.S. 58 - The School of Heroes located at 72-24 Grand Avenue, and at P.S. 89 located at 8528 Britton Ave, Elmhurst, between the hours of 7:30 am to 1:30 pm.

I.S. 73 will not be a breakfast or lunch site at this time

No one will be turned away at any time

All adults and children can pick up three meals at one time

Vegetarian and halal options available at all sites

A note for IS 73 Students and Families.

As of Wednesday, May 27th, PupilPath will be shut down for our end of year maintenance procedures. We ask that our students and families continue to utilize Google Classroom for current information regarding student participation and performance. Thank you in advance for your support.

We hope you and your families remain healthy and safe.

Please remember to follow the safety guidelines for stopping the spread of infection posted here on our website.

We will continue to update with the most current information available but recommend going straight to the source linked above.

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I.S. 73 is a middle school in Maspeth, New York. We serve a very diverse community with over 30 different home languages spoken. As a result of our large student population of over 2,000 children, we have established five academies. These academies are “small learning communities” which create a smaller school within one large one.

Each academy has an Assistant Principal, Guidance Counselor, and Dean who serve as each student’s “go to team.” This “go to team” serves as a support system for the students and their families within their academies. Each academy is created equally and students are randomly selected for their academy designation as they enter I.S. 73. From that point on, each academy team works with their students, both academically and emotionally, preparing them for High School, College and future Careers!

We are continuing our work in improving school to home communication. Our goal is to maximize the use of this new website to provide you with current information on a variety of school-wide happenings. We will provide up-to-date links to academic information, after school programs, and academy information as frequently as possible. We hope you find this website useful and helpful. Please do not hesitate to provide us with feedback on how we can improve this website to further improve upon our communication between school and home.

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Register Today for a Special Education Family Series from Beyond Access

This series of online workshops and trainings, focuses on providing families of children with disabilities tools and strategies to support their child at home through remote learning.

Classes offered June 1-5 | 7:30 PM - 8:30PM

Scheduled Sessions:

  • Monday, June 1: The Remote Learning Plan
  • Tuesday, June 2: Instructional Strategies
  • Wednesday, June 3: Remote Therapy Services and Basic Home Activities
  • Thursday, June 4: IEP Meetings and Evaluations
  • Friday, June 5: Getting Help and Support
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Contact is73pta@gmail.com for more information

Support Our School, Support Our Students!

Please donate to the IS 73 PTA

All funds collected by the PTA will be used for student activities.

Update for Families-MISC_May 18 2020.pdf
Queens North Parent Workshops Flyer - QN FINAL (Martin's Update - 4-29-2020).pdf
Queens North Parent Workshops Flyer - QN FINAL (Spanish).pdf
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Some great news!

FINAL Letter of Notification SR Status 19-20.pdf
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MAY Newsletter 2020 eng 3-1.pdf
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Covid19letter 3-22-20.pdf
Fact Sheet_COVID-19.pdf
FINALrevised Sewer Upgrade Parent Letter 2-6-20 - JL.pdf

For more information, view the full posting in 'Principals Announcements'

Microsoft Software for Students and Families

The DOE provides free Microsoft software to students and families. Much of this software has education-specific content that supports our students’ academic improvement. In addition, familiarity with these tools will help prepare students for college and careers.

Visit nycstudents.net(Open external link) to download Microsoft Office 365. You will need to enter the student's OSIS number, last name, and date of birth, or the student's username.

iReady Logons

I-ready login information

Important Immunization Information

Parent Immunization Letter.pdf

The I.S. 73 Family would like to thank Councilman Holden for a RESO A Grant of $100,000 and Assemblyman Brian Barnwell for a grant of $30,000.

Department of Education Emergency Readiness

ParentLetterEmergencyPreparedness 9-5-18 (1).pdf