IS73 (24Q073) The Frank Sansivieri Intermediate School

70-02 54 AVENUE Maspeth, NY 11378 | 8am-1pm: 718-639-3817

Principal: Michael Casale

Parent Coordinator: Daisy Rangel 347-563-4199

Updated 11/17/2020

We hope you and your families remain healthy and safe.


Classes remain scheduled 5-days a week

Report ONLINE for advisory, 8am daily. School-day 8:00am-1:30pm

Please remember to follow safety guidelines for stopping the spread of infection. Visit our COVID page for all related information.

News and announcements will be posted regularly in the feed below.

For all other tools, resources, and information, please use the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Who can I contact / How can I get up-to-date information?

  1. Sign up for a free Operoo account to receive information from our school.

  2. Visit this website frequently - we recommend bookmarking it in your browser.

  3. Go to the About 73 page for academy contact information.

  4. You can contact staff and teachers at any time via email. We have published a list of all contact emails here.

  5. For transportation concerns contact: lbruno9@schools.nyc.gov

  6. For additional help you can reach out to our parent coordinator Daisy Rangel at 347-563-4199 or drangel@schools.nyc.gov

  7. Call 718-639-3817 from 8am to 1pm for an additional way to contact us

I need technology help

  1. For student tech help please click this link and complete the form: Student technology support

  2. For parent tech help please use this link to complete the form: Parent technology support

  3. Guide to Google Classroom | Spanish translation video

  4. NYC DOE Family Technical Support

  5. For questions and concerns related to our online learning please contact Ask73@IS73.org for answers

  6. If you need technology to complete remote learning online please call 718-935-5100 (press 5) or visit this page: https://coronavirus.schools.nyc/RemoteLearningDevices or to request use of an ipad visit this page: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/learn-at-home/ipad-distribution

  7. NYC Remote Learning Technical Support

To find a free meal site visit the NYC DOE search page here.

For more meal information please visit the NYC DOE Meals Page

No one will be turned away at any time - All adults and children can pick up three meals at one time - Vegetarian and halal options available at all sites

**To keep our website running smoothly and to make sure it is accessible to everyone, we have redesigned! We are working to make it a perfect resource for everyone. If you have any issues, please contact us by email at Ask73@IS73.org**

To view announcements, click the links below and you will be directed to the appropriate page.

Monthly Newsletters/Events Page

11/25/20 - Chancellor's Update

11/23/20 - Family Update 11/23

11/19/20 - COVID Closure - Family Update

11/18/20 - Parent Workshop, Healthy Screenagers

11/17/20 - Family and Student Information Session

11/16/20 - Title 1 101 Training, Parents Welcome

11/12/20 - Edison High School Virtual Open House

11/6/20 - Veritas High school open house

11/4/20 - Letter to Families 11/4

11/3 - November Parent Newsletter

10/29/20 - COVID Travel Advisories

10/29/20 - Safe Halloween

10/28/20 - Parent Workshop 10/30

10/26/20 - Parent Support Group

10/22/20 - Updated COVID Testing Notice

10/20/20 - COVID Testing Letter

10/13/20 - International High School Virtual Open House

10/9/20 - Guiding Good Choices Workshop

10/9/20 - COVID Announcement 10/9

10/8/20 - Maspeth Town Hall Interest

10/7/20 - District 24 Parent Meeting **Change of Date

10/5/20 - Parent Support Group

10/2/20 - Family Letter 10/2

9/29/20 - COVID Testing Permission

9/29/20 - Census Information

9/25/20 - Transportation Information

9/25/20 - Family Update Video

9/25/20 - Parent Update

9/25/20 - Parent Workshop Scheduled

9/24/20 - Parent meeting rescheduled

9/22/20 - Chancellor's Update

9/21/20 - Family Update - 9/22 parent meeting postponed to 9/25

9/18/20 - Family update - New back to school plan

9/15/20 - Parent Update Meeting (video)

9/15/20 - Chancellor's Update 9/15

9/14/20 - Virtual Parent Meeting 10am on 9/15

9/14/20 - Back to Building Entrance/Exit Info

9/14/20 - Family Update 9/14

9/10/20 - Principal's Update for Back To School (video)

9/10/20 - Family Update

9/2/20 - Back to School Announcements

8/31/20 - Main Office Support

8/31/20 - Sign-up for Registration

08/25/20 - Office Hours

08/21/20 - Dismissal Procedures 2020-2021 Sign-off

08/21/20 - Dismissal Letter to Parents

08/21/20 - School Email Contacts

08/21/20 - In Person Learning Health and Safety Information

08/21/20 - Parent Intro Letter

08/20/20 - School Update

08/18/20 - Sign up for Operoo (Video & Flyer)

08/18/20 - Prepare iPads for First Day of School

08/17/20 - Welcome Families/Bienvenidas Familias 2 (Video)

08/11/20 - Welcome Families/Bienvenidas Familias (Video)

8/20 - MLB.TV - Playball at Home: New York Mets

Microsoft Software for Students and Families

The DOE provides free Microsoft software to students and families. Much of this software has education-specific content that supports our students’ academic improvement. In addition, familiarity with these tools will help prepare students for college and careers.

Visit nycstudents.net(Open external link) to download Microsoft Office 365. You will need to enter the student's OSIS number, last name, and date of birth, or the student's username.

Department of Education Emergency Readiness

ParentLetterEmergencyPreparedness 9-5-18 (1).pdf