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Dear Families,

Good news—high school offer letters are now available in MySchools! If you don’t have a MySchools account, your letter will be mailed to your home address in early June. You can also get a copy of your letter from your school counselor or by contacting a Family Welcome Center.

Your offer letter will include the following:

  • High school application results: Up to one offer, as well as information about where you are automatically waitlisted.

  • Any LaGuardia High School results, if you auditioned: Up to one offer to each program you auditioned for.

  • Any testing Specialized High School results, if you took the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT): Your SHSAT score and up to one offer to a testing Specialized High School—SHSAT results letters were also sent to families in April.

  • Detailed information about waitlists. Please note that the nine Specialized High Schools, including LaGuardia High School, do not have waitlists.

Next Steps

  • If your offer letter includes one offer, there is nothing you need to do to attend that school in the fall! This offer is automatically accepted.

  • If your offer letter includes more than one offer, you will have until June 25, 2021, to choose between them.

  • Contact schools directly to learn if they will be hosting open houses or orientation events.

  • Use waitlists to explore other options (optional):

  • You are automatically on the waitlist for any program that you listed higher on your application than the program where you received an offer.

  • Waitlists will open in early June and close in August. While waitlists are open, you can join additional programs’ waitlists.

  • Programs only make waitlist offers if seats become available. Many programs do not make any waitlist offers, and being on a waitlist does not mean you will get a waitlist offer.

  • If a school can make you a waitlist offer, they will call and email you directly. If you get a waitlist offer, you will have one week to choose between your current offer and the waitlist offer.

  • Learn more at

Learn more at and

Don’t have a MySchools account or have questions?

  • Talk to your child’s current school counselor

  • Contact a Family Welcome Center—learn how at

  • Call us at 718-935-2009

All best,

The High School Admissions Team

Office of Student Enrollment