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The Tale of Toby by Andres Mera


It was the middle of the night and Adrian was at home with his sister Rosita. They were both in the same class and had left their science project for last minute. They both had an idea to do a science project that made animals talk. Rosita said to Adrian, “Adrian we have to do this project– we only have until tomorrow to do this!” 

Adrian opened up his computer, started typing and responded with, “Alright just give me a second to recalibrate the mainframe and bypass the firewall.” 

“What does that even mean?” said Rosita, very confused. 

“I have no clue, I just wanted to sound smart,” replied Adrian. So, Adrian  and Rosita worked on the project for hours without their parents knowing. Until they realized it was 5 AM. Rosita and Adrian both ended up finishing the project but they just needed a subject to test it on. 

Rosita and Adrian both got their small, white, Pomeranian dog named Toby and hooked it up to the machine. The machine was a silver head strap and had a lot of wires. They activated the machine and it started glowing; first blue, then slowly turned into red– then suddenly, something started happening to the machine. The machine started beeping and it started flashing all different colors. Before they knew it, their dog Toby started speaking.  He said, in an Australian accent, “What is going on here?” 

Rosita and Adrian stared at each other and yelled in excitement. They started asking Toby questions and Toby responded in actual words. Toby then started acting weird. Toby was jumping around, moving and spinning and said “I don't feel so good mate.” Toby then hiccuped and morphed into a blue fire breathing dragon, with black horns and red scales. Toby was confused and yelled out “WHY AM I A DRAGON NOW?!” Before Rosita and Adrian could say anything, Toby started acting weird and hiccuped again– only this time he was a small, gray, lazy cat. Toby then laid down on Adrian's Pillow and fell asleep.

The next morning when Rosita and Adrian woke up, they went to school and when it was time for them to bring their science project into their science lab, they didn't bring their machine because they did not want anything to go wrong or turn someone into an animal. Instead, they just told their teacher they did not do it. When Adrian and Rosita got home again, Toby was awake waiting for them. Toby told them, “G,day Mate Look what I learned to do when you guys were away.” Toby then transformed into a small, big tailed, black rat. 

Rosita then jumped on the bed and shouted “AHHHH A RAT!”  


 Adrian responded with, “Yeah now that Toby is a Rat we can call him RataToby. Maybe he can cook!” 

Rosita shouted at Adrian, “IS THIS REALLY A TIME TO BE JOKING RIGHT NOW?!” 

Toby laughed and said, “Fine I'll change back.” Toby then changed back into a white Pomeranian. 

“Wow, looks like you really mastered it huh.” responded Adrian. 

Rosita and Adrian wanted to know how to turn Toby back into a normal Pomeranian. So they went to the all knowing, most intelligent thing invented, Google. They saw that the device that they were building needed a few more things before they could make it. They needed a special piece of technology and some other random stuff you find at your local grocery store. So the three of them went to the best place where you can find whatever you are looking for, Walmart. When the three got to the nearest Walmart, which was 7 blocks away from their house, they each went their separate ways and Toby morphed into a monkey so he would  be able to grab things. After they finished shopping, they all went to the counter to pay together and they made sure they had what they needed. Toby just explored Walmart since they didn't give him anything to buy so he came back and he had a box of shrimp. 

When Rosita and Adrian asked him why he had a box of shrimp Toby said in a sophisticated Australian accent,  “To place a shrimp on the barbie obviously mate.”  When they went to pay the cashier stared at them and looked frightened and confused since he was looking at two kids and a monkey.  

The cashier then asked them “I-Is that monkey with you?” 

Adrian and Rosita both looked at each other and responded “No, that is our dog.” 

The cashier then fainted on the ground. Toby then pulled out his wallet and put a twenty dollar bill on the cashier's chest and said “Keep the change, Mate.” 

Once they got home they put all of their things on the brown wood table and Rosita said to Adrian and Toby “Ok, all we need now is that weird special piece of technology.”  The three then looked on Google for research about where to find the piece of technology and found an address. By this time it was 5 PM and they went outside to go to the address listed online. Once They made it to the yard, they saw that the house was oddly peculiar. The house looked gloomy and a little run down, with gray bricks.  Toby morphed into a big gray anaconda and slithered under the door. Once he made it to the other side he turned into a chimpanzee and unlocked the door for Adrian and Rosita. When they went inside they were astonished by what they saw. It was like a castle, the type you see in Disney movies. Golden furniture, golden stairs, a golden with               red couch. The three of them looked around and did not find anyone. When they were looking around they heard something upstairs and saw someone going downstairs with a golden robe and holding a golden stick. They saw a man that looked like a typical rich person. He had blonde hair, a small beard, and cash around his waist. The three looked at the man in awe and Adrian asked “d-do you have some sort of weird piece of technology that if hypothetically someone turned their dog into a transforming animal it could be changed back?” The man responded with “oh yeah it's in my basement but I'm going to need 15 hundred dollars up front!”

“15 HUNDRED DOLLARS!” Responded Rosita 

“Yep then it’s a good thing it is only hypothetical right”.  There was silence……..  “R-right” asked the man. While they were having a conversation nobody realized that Toby went down to the basement and grabbed the device. When Rosita and Adrian were talking Toby made eye contact with them outside and they realized he had the device. Adrian then told the man “Yeah, totally hypothetical….. Well, we are going to go now, bye.” When they got home they saw all of the things they needed on the table and were ready to turn Toby back into normal. Toby then started having second thoughts on whether or not he wanted to become a normal dog again. After talking they all decided to leave him the way he is. However, Rosita and Adrian had another science project coming up but they just needed a subject to test it on. They looked at Toby and he knew what was going to happen and said “Oh no not again!”

The End.