Creative Writing Club » The Troubled Life of an Orphan by Amari Abraham

The Troubled Life of an Orphan by Amari Abraham







-Mentions of human trafficking. (Only in the beginning of the story and some mini parts of the story)

-The word damn or damnit because of the stress the characters feel.


Tools you might need while reading:

-hexadecimal translation

-Binary to Text Translator

-Mythical Animals used (Another source of mythical animals used)

The Troubled Life of an Orphan

by Amari Abraham


Chapter 1 : The Horrible Orphanage



When Azat woke up, the first thing he noticed was that he wasn't in his house. His  green and pink hair was falling down his head as he slowly got up from bed.

              “Ototo!”(little brother in Japanese) Azat heard from beside the bed. Azat has forgotten he was an orphan.

 “Hello, Yoshiko. How was your night?”

 “It was so good, I finally got to sleep! I didn’t have to stay up all night hearing children crying and people talking about raising money prices. Guess they didn’t sell kids last night!” Yoshiko said in relief.

“Well, that is a good thing, big sister, I hope this continues.”

“Azat, you are the most mature of all of the children here, and the kindest!” Azat stopped for a while, processing what Yoshiko just said. Azat’s face became peachish pink to bright pink.

 “Haha…Yoshiko, you shouldn’t say that you will make me flustered.” Azat spoke as he turned his head to the right. His face was still as pink as a pig. Yoshiko laughed and sighed as she looked out the window at a young girl about her own  age, playing with some other orphanage fellows.

“Oh~ Yoshiko likes a girl~!”

 “Uh..Azat! Why would you say that out loud!? '' Yoshiko looks at the girl once more and looks back at Azat. “I don’t stand a chance, Azat, she is straight and I am lesbian. You know that some kids are homophobic here…” Azat looked at the girl out the window and realized she was gone. He rushed to open the window and noticed no one was outside.

“Uhm, Yoshiko…I think the director of the orphanage got their hands on your crush and the kids she was playing with…”

“WHAT!?” Yoshiko's eyes widened. She ran downstairs hearing crying and people stating money prices. Azat had followed her downstairs; he was so worried he fell down the stairs.

“Damn! The directors of the orphanage are trying to sell kids again!” Azat sighed, but as he sighed Yoshiko could sense a little worry in that sigh.

“Azat, we know we can’t do anything about this, the older we get…”

“The more chances of getting sold…” Azat said, cutting off Yoshiko’s sentence.

“But we need to do something this time, we can’t let your crush be sold!”

“That is right, Azat but-”

“No buts, Yoshiko, let's just go on with it. I’m going to the kitchen to find a knife or at least some weapons. You should go find a key to open the auction door.”

“Hai! (Yes!)” Azat ran into the kitchen in a hurry as he slipped.

 “Ow!” Azat noticed something weird. The floor board type was different. He has gone to every part of the orphanage but never here. Azat became a little scared but he kept on walking on the glass boards with wooden boards below. Azat touched the glass boards and realized these boards were wet. At this point, he knew something was wrong. Nobody should have come here because the heads never told us about this room and Azat had always run around the house exploring. Azat looks back to see a door, though he did not go through a door upon entering the kitchen. He then  became a little scared. As he slowly walked on the glass planks, he found a pocket knife on  the floor and immediately grabbed it.

“I got the key, Azat, we have to hurry before they sell any children.”

“Hai! (Yes)” Azat and Yoshiko run to the room  in the orphanage where the auctions are typically held. “I can’t believe they hold the auctions here! But, this is good in a way, ‘cause we have an opportunity to save the children.”

“Yeah, but what happens if we get caught, Azat?” Azat stopped, thinking for a while because he knew they would get caught at some point.

 “Then we will escape with the children we have saved whether it is none or too many.” Yoshiko looked at Azat with a sad face, for she knew that Azat would feel guilty if they couldn’t escape with everyone. Azat punched Yoshiko in the stomach in a corner and then crouched.

“Ow- why would you punch-” Azat immediately covered Yoshiko’s mouth and whispered “Ssh… I saw the orphanage heads at the auction door. We need a disguise. Yoshiko leaned closer to Azat in a fearful way.

             “Yoshiko please move your God damn black hair out of my face. I need to see if we are safe!” Azat peaked and noticed all of the heads were just outside of the auction door.

             “I guess they haven't started the auction yet. I think you just heard people being excited, but we need a way to break in…” Azat looks around trying to find something. “Yoshiko, have you seen some-” Azat looked around, noticing that Yoshiko had disappeared. Azat peaked and saw Yoshiko crying and begging. “Damn! Uh- I have to do something!” Azat thought to himself,  but when he ran out to take Yoshiko back and make a run for it, she wasn’t there anymore. No one was there, not even the directors or the people attending the auction. Azat then went to the auction door and it seemed like everyone got sold. Azat cried as he knew he was the youngest, but he was the only one left and the orphanage takes in younger kids so that would mean Azat would be the oldest. What he could expect now was between 1-4 new orphans being admitted to the house; mostly younger than the kids that currently lived here. . He knew he had to do something, something he would regret.


Chapter 2 : The Forest

Azat had a knife with him so he knew he had to take this chance to run away. He ran to the front door but there was something he couldn’t understand. He knew he needed to stay focused and that he shouldn’t consume his thoughts about this,  so he continued to run.  He was outside, headed to the spooky, dark place, with tall figures that  seemed to sway with the wind. Azat shivered because he knew he was just a seven year old boy who was lost in a dark forest, with a knife that had red liquid dripping from it. He took off his shoes to feel the soil and freedom, but he knew he would  never be able to shake off the feeling of sorrow inside his poor little heart. As Azat stepped on the rich soil, sprouts grew and Azat sighed. Azat wanted to calm down and he knew just the right thing to do. He  started moving gracefully on the soil making a drawing as plants sprouted from the ground. Azat’s salty tears dropped down his face, for he knew that there was no backing out now. The head of the orphanage must have realized that Azat ran away by now. He sighed because he had brought nothing but himself and the  pocket knife. “I must find a nearby village that doesn’t work with the orphanage” He thought to himself. “But first, I need to get some berries. I’ll need to use my powers to get that…Guess I have to keep growing the plant till it is fully grown. That will take awhile.” Azat crouches and reaches his hands onto the soil then starts chanting. As he chanted, Azat's eyes transformed from soft green to a deep, vibrant emerald green and his pupils became stark white.  Then, his eyes turned back to light green. After two minutes, he  stopped chanting and noticed there were a lot of berries on the bush. He became tired from all the energy spent on this task. “Damn, I don’t have a bag to carry this,” he said through frustration and exhaustion.

 “Here young boy. Please take care of this bag. 49 20 77 69 6c 6c 20 62 65 20 62 61 63 6b 20 73 6f 6f 6e”

“Oh thank you sir!” Azat smiled and then stopped to process what had happened for thirty seconds. He turned to his back to realize the mysterious man was gone. He knew he couldn’t have imagined that because he still had the bag with him and he couldn't have just randomly grabbed a bag from the orphanage and not notice he had it all along. He thought the man was an orphanage head, but he wondered, “If he was an orphanage head why would he just leave…?''Azat stayed, still thinking of all the possibilities and then he instantly picked all the berries out of the bush and opened the bag. There were some ziplock bags so he grabbed one of the ziplock bags and placed the berries in it. Then, put them back in the bag and zipped it up. Azat sighed “I should really start walking, I have a long journey ahead of me!” He started walking, without a  care as to where he ended up,  as long as it wasn't an orphanage or somewhere affiliated with the orphanage. He was grateful for the newly found freedom and fresh air he was able to experience in this moment. Azat put on a very bright smile as he trekked on,  but as soon as he did he tripped on the roots of a tree,all of his shining energy disappeared. Tears dropped down his depressed face as he got up and knelt  on his knees. Azat’s white clothes got dirty with dirt but he didn’t care even a single bit. He started becoming  more aware of his surroundings as a result of that mysterious man and random tree roots. He sighed as he closed his eyes once more. Azat tried not to sleep since the sky was dark with beautiful sparkles in the sky. He then  dropped to the ground, and struggled to open his eyes. Once his eyes slightly opened, he saw a figure wearing black and white clothes. Azat rested his eyes.

 “30 31 30 30 30 31 30 30 20 30 31 31 30 31 31 31 31 20 30 31 31 30 31 31 31 30 20 30 30 31 30 30 31 31 31 20 30 31 31 31 30 31 30 30 20 30 30 31 30 30 30 30 30 20 30 31 31 31 30 31 31 31 20 30 31 31 30 31 31 31 31 20 30 31 31 31 30 30 31 30 20 30 31 31 31 30 30 31 30 20 30 31 31 31 31 30 30 31 20 30 30 31 30 30 30 30 30 20 30 31 31 30 31 30 31 31 20 30 31 31 30 31 30 30 31 20 30 31 31 30 30 31 30 30 20 30 30 31 30 30 30 30 30 20 30 31 30 30 31 30 30 31 20 30 30 31 30 30 30 30 30 20 30 31 31 30 30 31 31 31 20 30 31 31 30 31 31 31 31 20 30 31 31 31 30 31 30 30 20 30 30 31 30 30 30 30 30 20 30 31 31 31 31 30 30 31 20 30 31 31 30 31 31 31 31 20 30 31 31 31 30 31 30 31 20”


Chapter 3 : Nowhere Or Somewhere?

            “Mm….” Azat mumbled as he woke up. Chirp Chirp His head was aching as he got up. “Huh” He looked down and realized he was wearing something else. He was wearing a comfy oversized black sweater and white pants. Azat then looked around the room trying to find out where he was, but all there was is white walls surrounding him.

“Welcome to ‘Nowhere’, kid”. Azat looked at where the voice came from and backed away.       


“Chill, kid, you are making my ears bleed and you are asking way too many questions. As I said, you are ‘Nowhere’ right now. No, this place is not called ‘Nowhere’ kid, you are actually nowhere right now.” The mysterious man looked familiar to Azat but as listless as he was he did not mind. Other thoughts distracted him.

“Hey Altair-”

“It's boss to you, Anna.” The man said as he cut off the woman's words.

“ Ah, yes, boss- anyways, I just finished making the new poison-” The woman said in excitement.

“Ok, Anna, I think that is enough. We have someone here.” The mysterious man points his finger secretly at Azat.

“Ooh! Yeah, Ima just go.” The mysterious girl whose name is Anna walks away into darkness in realization.

 “Uhm- Sir, is your name perhaps Altair?”

 “How did you find out, kid?” The mysterious man walked closer to Azat. Azat backed away further as the man approached, even though there was a wall preventing him from backing any further.

“T-The girl, I think her name was Anna…She said that name and she was talking to you so I thought…”

            “Ok, Ok enough talking. We have taken you here to nowhere for your own good. That girl Anna…nevermind.” Altair turned around with his hands on his forehead. “I think I have a headache now because of that kid…” He thought to himself. Azat came closer to Altair and grabbed his leg.

“Uhm, I know this is embarrassing but please tell me more, I haven’t been told a story since I was two…Please?” Altair looked at Azat knowing that he got himself in this mess.

“Alright, kid, listen up, you are staying here for now, like forever since you know too much. So you better get used to this, kid!”

“Mhm!” Azat said excitedly. He never had any other person who was kind to him except for Yoshiko and some other kids at the orphanage. Azat’s eyes shone with life and hope.

“Alright kid, we already set up your room. Think of me as your father and nobody else. Exit and go straight, there will be some doors over there that are labeled, one of them says ‘Kid’-- that's your room. I will be there soon. I have some business to do.”

“Ok, Father!” Azat said as he ran to the exit excitedly. He hadn't had an actual good guardian in years and now he finally got one! Altair chuckled as he watched Azat trip and got back up.  He was crying and running to Altair. “WAHHHHHH, father, I hurt my head!” Altair looked at Azat as if he were his own kid. He touched Azat’s head and kissed it.

“It's alright, it's not like you're going to d-''


“C’mon, Altair, you know you can’t say that word in front of kids!” Azat looked up hearing another male voice.

“Ah, you mean the word ‘die’? No, I am fine. I have heard that word a lot of times, but…why did you hit father?” Azat looked at the man making a pouting face. The mysterious man looked at Azat.

“You know what, you're cute. I'm just going to…” The man took Azat and ran away. “Where are you taking me, mister?”

“To your room, kid. Your father needs some rest, so I put him to sleep for a while!”

“You mean, make him unconscious?”

“Uh- Yeah I guess.”

Azat spotted Anna running trying to catch up to them.

“Hey, You need to put that kid down, Gwydion. It's not worth it and besides, the boss is already awake.”

“WHAT!?” Gwydion looks at his arms. “Where is the kid?”

“Hehe, this is fun…but I shouldn't be that comfortable with them that fast, they might be dangerous…” Azat thought to himself. He sighed and cooled down. He peaked to look at the hallway looking at Anna and Gwydion. “I need to make sure they are not a threat to me…I must be careful.” He looked around and sighed again. “This place is definitely ‘somewhere’ not ‘nowhere’ because I am on it and I definitely came from somewhere!” He ran to check other rooms for any clues as to where he was at that moment. He opened the door with the design of a cow. “That is a very weird door…Welp- let's check it!” Azat opened the door to find a field of grass with a bunch of cows. He stared in amazement for a while and then slammed the door. “What is wrong with this house…?” he thought. Azat looked to the right, and to the left, and noticed something commonly weird. All the doors had animal patterns on them, even the magical animals. He pushed his hair behind his ears and revealed an elf ear. Azat was so excited about the mythical creatures, he wanted to try to find a Fairy. He found a door that looked like a fairy door and went into it.  When he entered, he noticed some trees from folklore, the tree seemed to be tall and dark, there were even large roots surrounding the tree. It almost looked like the tree wanted to leave the ground, but to add on Azat thought the tree looked like an octopus. There he met some fairies on the ground close to the Umdhlebi. “What are the fairies doing in this door?

 “H-help us!” Azat looked at the fairy that was talking and he started sweating because he had never been in this type of situation.  Afterall, he’d been locked in the orphanage for like, forever.

“Uhm- I must find a library…I don’t know where that is…” Azat said in confusion.

“Are you going to help them dear?” a voice said from Azat’s right.

“UWAHHHH!” Azat said, screaming on the top of his lungs in fear.

“Ah- Sorry for scaring you, must be your first time here, ya?” The mysterious voice said.

 “U-uhm yes” Azat said in confusion.

“Oh, well welcome to nowhere. You actually are nowhere right now. Because all this is portals to different places. Those doors you went through were only portals, not regular doors. Might as well walk into a closet and find a portal there.”

“Oh ok, but good sir, what are you and why are you with me?” Azat said even more confused.

“Oh, yeah, about that – my name is Lucifer.”

 “Isn’t that a devil's name? You have angel wings though.”

 “Listen boy, just because I am an angel doesn’t mean I can’t have a devil's name. A name is a name.” Lucifer said while floating to the trees.

“Where are you going, didn't you say that those trees are dangerous?” Azat said while he stepped forward a little bit, looking worried.

“Kid, these trees don’t hurt us because we are basically invisible, but you need to do something fast before they get consumed into the soil.” Azat heard what the angel said and immediately tried to run out the door and grab something, but something stopped him.

”What are you doing here Azat?” Azat recognized that voice and looked up.

“H-Hey father…What are you doing here?”

“I asked you first, Azat,” Altair said with a furious face.

“I am sorry, father, but I don’t really trust you enough to be actually comfortable to be near you. I need time,” Azat said with a small smile, his eyes looking straight at Altair looking almost cautious.

“Oh…Well, sure. I don’t care as long as you are staying here. I am fine however you treat me!” Altair turned his body the opposite direction of Azat’s and walked away.

“Uhm, are you crying father?” He looked at Altair with a confused face and  a small smirk. Altair turned to look at Azat.

“No, I am not, you little brat! Now go to your room and sleep. There is a story book on the small table if you want to read it.” Altair turned his head back and walked away with a furious face but somehow looked sad. Azat went to his room. “Left…Right..Straight…Right…Straight…Left…Left…straight…turn right!” Azat said, trying to memorize where his room was. Azat got nervous as he opened the door. He shivered at the sight of the many doors near him. He slowly sighed and went to the white bed. “Everything in this room is white…I don’t want to ruin it but it looks too much like the orphanage's rooms.” He thought. He looked around the room once more. “He won’t mind if I add some plants, right..?” He thought as he got out of bed.

“We meet again darling!”

“AH! Oh it's just you, Lucifer.” Azat said as he stared at the floating angel.

“What do you mean, ‘Oh It’S jUsT yOu’, of course it is me. I have been following you. Anyways, I got the soil that you asked for and the pots!”

“But I didn’t ask for any of those,” Azat said, confused.

“You didn’t, but your mind wanted them and…Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I am your guardian angel!” Lucifer said with a bright smile.

“Please stop smiling so often, your brightness is hurting my eyes.” Azat said, a bit annoyed but also in pain.

“Ah, yes, sorry! I tend to forget that when pure angels smile their faces have a little glow.” Lucifer said with a little awkward laugh.

            “A little glow?” Azat said with his voice starting to sound louder.

            “Aha…yes…Was it too bright?” he said, sweating.

            “YES IT WAS TOO BRIGHT! WHY DO YOU THINK I CLOSED MY EYES?!” Azat said with a very furious but gentle voice.

            “H-here are your materials! Bye! Gomen!” Lucifer said as he put the materials down and disappeared into thin air.

            “Oh, Yeah I forgot about the materials. Thank you Luci!” He said, calling out almost yelling.


Chapter 4: Magic Lessons Planned By Anna (Gone wrong)

            Azat smiled, “This will surely make my new room more pretty and presentable to the people here!” He started walking out of the house with an ax and hums.

            “What are you doing out Azat?” Azat looked up to spot Anna.

            “Oh good afternoon Anna.”

            “Yes, good afternoon Azat but what are you doing out here?! You know you are not allowed out!” Anna said clearly, trying to scream.

            “hm..Sorry Anna but I need wood for some things to make a drawing and some other furniture.” He said slightly tilting his head with a curious face. “Why?”

Anna sighed hopelessly,  “Remember this is nowhere, You can’t really go anywhere unless you have magic. This place was created by Altair. His magic is voids.”

“Oh…Ah…You guys could have told me sooner, but how do people get out of this void with magic? I don’t really know about people with magic.” Though Azat knew he had magic he did not know how to use his magic properly. He didn’t even know the history of magic.

“I guess I could get some teachers to teach you all about magic but there will be a lot of teachers…..uhm let me just plan…We need a magic history teacher, math magic teacher, magic wand teacher, natural magic teacher, uh….I don’t really know any others….But why do you want to learn magic when you don’t have powers?” Azat flinched.

“O-Oh it's because I just want to learn how to do magic for my protection!” He said as he slowly showed signs of suspiciousness.

“Hm…I guess a person with no magic can learn magic but that will take years to even master one spell! Are you sure you want to spend the rest of your life learning magic?” Anna said with a very curious face.

“Yes, I am very sure. I have nothing to do with my life anyways…” He said with his head down.

“Cheer up kid, you will be safe with us. After all we are-” Anna gets interrupted.

“ANNA…” Altair yelled in a furious voice behind her.

“Ah…haha……Sorry sir I'm just going to go plan Azat’s magic lessons…” She said backing up.

“Wait Anna, does Azat have magic?” He said with a manly, yet confused voice.“Ah- No he just wants to learn magic!”

“Yea…I need to see someone, I just want to master magic to save someone special to me…” Azat sighed with a happy face. He slowly started to shed tears.

“WOAH are you crying son…?” Atair said as he leaned forward.

“Uh…I guess I am, father…Ah- no I meant Altair. I just miss my best friend. She was the only one I had when I was in the orphanage…” Azat stepped forward.

“WAIT!” Altair said in a loud voice. Azat then took another step.

“Huh?” Azat noticed that he wasn't standing anymore…HE WAS FALLING! “Wait WHAT!?” He looked around for something to grab on but there was nothing. He then realized that wherever he was…was really nowhere…This was the void that Altair had made to keep everybody away from their house. “Oh…I feel so dumb now…” Azat had lost his hope because he had been falling down forever; he was falling down a void. Voids do not have endings…it's just a black endless huge tube. He sighed “This feels like home….It feels like I am drowning in an ocean full of nothing…” he thought. Azat had stayed quiet for a while. He looked at his hand, ‘An ax…? Oh yeah I did take this ax………” Azat finally had an idea. “Remember this is nowhere, You can’t really go anywhere unless you have magic. This place was created by Altair. His magic is voids.” He remembered what Anna had said and started creating sturdy, long vines and tied it to the ax. He knew what he was going to risk, he might end up taking a life but he couldn’t just die here… Azat then created a Vision bird. A bird that sends a signal to their owner of where something is. “Hi little birdy” He said with a happy smile with saddened eyebrows.

CHIRP(Hello new master!)!

“Ah yes hello, I shall name you…Vivi.”

“Chirp Chirp!(Ah…What a perfect name for me, master. Now how should I be in your service today?)”

“There is one thing I need you to do, Vivi…Since you are magic you are able to get out of this void right?”

“Chirp………CHIRP!(Uhm…………..YES I CAN!)” Vivi said excitedly.

“Ok so can you carry this ax…….?” Vivi looked at the ax for a while.

“Chirp, Chirp, Chirp, Chirp! (Yes……..Yes I can!)” Vivi almost looked annoyed.

“Are you sure? It might be too much for a bird to handle…” He said with a concerned voice. Vivi glared at Azat and immediately took the ax and flew up. “Oh I guess you can do it…..”

“Chirp, Chirp? (Where should I stick the ax in?)” She said on top of the house.

“On the roof, don’t worry about the people, they are my friends.”

“Chirp……….CHIRP! (Hm…..They look sad…Anyways, I stick the ax onto the roof so you will be able to climb now.”

“Uhm….Vivi, how do I climb up? It will take such a long time…”

“Chirp…..Chirp Chirp?(Hm…….well you do have the magic of life right?”

“Yes, Yes I do…why?”

“CHIRP!!!(YOU CAN MAKE ME A FRIEND! Well, specifically a speed hybrid elf. They are elves but they also have wings that they inherited from their parents., ‘Normals’ would just be called a speed elf. They could give their owners speed!)”

“That is a great idea!” Azat then started creating a speed hybrid elf. “Hello , welcome to my world.”

“Ah, hello sire, How may I be in your service?”

“Can you maybe give me some speed so I can climb up faster?”

“Yes, I will do that right away, sire.” The elf put his hand together creating a circle with his hands. “There we go as long as I keep my hands in this position I will be able to give you as much speed as you desire.” The elf said with a happy smile.

“Thank you, your name will be Henry. Ok now let's climb this vine!” Azat said with such an enthusiastic voice. Smiling. Azat started climbing and in no time he was back on top. “Thank you very much but…what do I do now with you guys? This is my first time creating mythical creatures.”

“Well sire, you made us good but we can live in your spiritual core. Every magic user has a core. A core is where all your mythical pets live. It can fit up to….uhm….It's depending on the owner though.”

“Chirp……Chirp Chirp. (Yea….I guess we can go now….Bye master!)”

“Well, bye guys! See you soon!” Azat said with a smile.

“OH MY GOD AZAT!” a voice from far away said. Azat tried to figure out where the voice came from and then turned to the left. It was Altair running towards him. “Azat my son…I was worried you might have been falling into an endless darkness!” Altair hugged Azat tightly and started to cry a little.

“Uhm…” Azat didn’t know what to say..He felt…like he was loved. After all these years he finally found someone who actually cared about him. Azat had made up his mind, “Father…Thank you for caring about me.” he then smiled, a very bright smile exactly. Azat’s father looked Azat directly in the eye.

“What….My son did you call me father…?” Azat blushed in embarrassment.

“Y-Yes father” He stuttered. Altair then hugged Azat tightly. “Guess he can be very soft when it comes to his kids,” he thought.

“Oh man…We forgot about the fairies…..Why don’t you go check on them Azat?” Lucifer looked at Azat with a small glare. Azat then looked at Lucifer then to Altair his father that he had finally accepted.

“Father, I will be going to my room now.” He said as he patted his fathers head.

“Oh…Ok son, Don’t fall into the void again” Altair said with a little sniff.

“I won't. I am going inside our home anyways there is no way I can fall into that void again and even if I do I will be ready. I did come out of the void and I will gladly do it again!” Azat said with a wink after. He then ran into the house. “Lucifer, I forgot where the room was. Do you know where it is?”

“Hah! Be lucky those fairies are even alive. If they weren't alive it would be your fault.” Lucifer said with an angry sigh. “Well anyways the room is just up ahead.”

“Well thanks, Luci!” He said with a smile.

“Hah…..Just like a little angel” Lucifer thought.


Chapter 5: A Disruption In Saving Fairies…Agai11n…

Lucifer and Azat ran through the hallways of darkness. “Hey it's a bit dark do you think you can smile?”                                                                                                               

            “What does smiling have to do with the darkness?” Lucifer said confusedly.

            “Well, you do glow when you smile so it will light up the hallway! Azat then smiled.

            “Oh…Well sure you can’t see clearly and we do need to save those poor fairies.” Right before Lucifer smiled Azat felt a little pull.

            “There, the room is lit now…if you're asking why I can talk, it's just a normal thing angels can do…Azat?” Lucifer looked around confused. “Azat?”

            Azat doesn’t know what had happened. All he remembered was walking with Lucifer asking for light but then something grabbed him and now…he seems to be somewhere far away from home in an empty room with nothing in it but him and a black screen.

            “Hello there Azat…” said a mysterious distorted voice.

            “WHO ARE YOU!? WHERE ARE YOU!?” He said with a surprised voice. The mysterious man laughed.

            “I can’t believe you forgot about me, Azat…can’t remember me? It's me, Willy” he said.

            “N-NO YOU CAN’T BE!!!” Azat said in a frightened voice almost trembling.

            “I am here…I WAS the director of the orphanage until you escaped…now i’m just a filthy worker…Never thought you’d be in that filthy place of Altair’s.”

            “What…you know Altair?” Azat said in a curious tone.

            “Kid, you do know he is an assassin, right?” Willy laughed, “You are his pride and joy. I had a lot of plans to get rid of that joy. I wanted to…let's say…make his life miserable for what he had done to me in the past. What he has done can not be forgiven!”

            “Glad to be his pride and joy…and I already knew he was an assassin. It was pretty obvious…But what has he done to make you this angry?”


            “Well…too bad! Like I said I already knew. It wasn’t that hard to figure out.” Azat said with no emotion. Willy sighed.

            “Look kid, I only brought you here so I could ruin his life and not tell a story.” He said in a displeased tone.

            “Why don’t you come out Mr. Willy, It has been awhile since I have seen you.” Azat seemed to be more calm about the situation, everything became calm so quickly.

            “Well I have been doing important matters outside of the orphanage so I guess I can come visit your room.” Willy said in a soft sigh. He opened the steel door and walked in.

            “Oh wow, you look so different Mr. Willy. You used to have brown hair but now you have dark blue hair! Wait…what happened to your eyes, are those contacts? Why is it…light green like mine?” Azat was so confused and shocked he just froze.

            “Look kid, there are some things I can’t tell you. Everyone had their secrets but I can’t tell you those secrets just yet.” Willy pulled  out a chair and sat down.

            “Where did you get that…?”

            “Don’t ask.” Willy said, cutting off Azat’s sentence.

            “AZAT DON’T WORRY WE ARE HERE TO SAVE YOU!” a mysterious voice said from outside the door.

            “Who is that Azat?” Willy said calmly.

            “No idea, But the voice seems familiar…” He said in a curious voice. The door started having dents. “I need to go but they want to save you so I guess I can leave you here and…” Willy just left and closed the door.

            “OH MY GOD! AZAT!” The mysterious voice yelled. Azat turned around and saw a girl a bit older than him.

            “Wait…Yoshiko?” Azat couldn’t believe what he saw…it was Yoshiko. His best friend in the orphanage!

            “Yep, it’s me, bring it in!” Yoshiko said with open arms. Azat shed tears and tried to hug Yoshiko but only fell with the chair.

            “Maybe you can untie me so I can hug you?” He said slightly laughing.

            “Oh yeah I forgot you were tied, I brought some kids with me. I saved the whole orphanage!” Yoshiko said as she unties Azat.

            “REALLY!? I’m so proud of you!” Azat said in relief and happiness.

            “AZAT!? WHERE ARE YOU!? SON!?” A voice from far away said.

            “Wait father? FATHER I AM HERE!” Azat said, trying to be as loud as he can so Altair his father can find where he is, afterall his father is an assassin. The door got slammed onto the wall and Altair ranin to hug Azat which was…on the floor still tied.

            “AZAT! I’m so glad you are safe. Did Willy hurt you?” Altair said in worryness.

            “Dad I'm Fine, he just talked to me that's it but what did you do to WIlly to make him this upset and angry at you?” Azat said curiously, leaning closer to his dad. But all there was was silence. “Father?”

            “Oh yes! That story is for another time but we must go now. This place is not safe for powerless kids. Here we need to get you and your friends out of here.

            “But, where father? We can’t bring them to your house because they might fall into the void like I did and never come back up.” Azat said with his hand pointing at Yoshiko and the kids she brought in.

            “A VOID!?” The kids yelled in surprise.

            “Yes, the person who took me in has a void power. You may know he is an assassin because he is a famous assassin but don’t worry he won’t hurt you unless you hurt me or his friends!” Azat said in sureness.

            “Oh…if you say so Azat. I trust you.” Yoshiko said with a smile.

            “Ah…what a nice family reunion and a friend reunion. So heartwarming!” A voice said from the ceiling.

            “AHHHH!” Yoshiko yelled in surprise, she then pointed at what was on the ceiling. “WHO IS THAT!?” Azat looked at Yoshiko in surprise.

            “Can you see him, Yoshi?”

            “Yes, who is that angel looking guy, but seriously last second nicknames?” Yoshi said as she glared at Azat.

            “Yup! But anyway, that is Lucifer. He is an angel that only I can see...” Azat smiled at Yoshiko to signal Yoshiko it was safe.

            “I thought you said you didn’t have powers son?” Altair said from behind. Azat slowly turned around.

            “Aha…That is a story for later but please untie me, none of you untied me and we have to get out of here before Willy comes back.” Altair united Azat and picked him up.

            “Let's go son, my teammates are coming, they are coming with a vehicle but we have to wait outside for a while.”

            “Come on…I wanted to see some action Azat!” Lucifer said laying on the ceiling as if it was the floor.

            “Well you don’t get to see action Lucifer, you were here the whole time weren’t you?” Azat said with a slightly mad tone.

            “Well, I mean yea because I am everywhere with you. Except when you use the bathroom….”

            “Did you really have to say that?” Azat said as he looked at Lucifer with an annoyed face.

            “Yes, Yes I did.” Lucifer said in proudness.

            “Oh by the way Azat, Willy is a noble so that will be hard for us to get out of this mess. But I will tell you the story about me and Willy later when you are old enough.” Altair said, looking at Azat with a relieved face.

            “Ok father, but Yoshiko, why are you holding hands with your crush?”

            “AZAT!!!! But to answer your question, we are dating now!” Yoshiko said proudly. The girl giggled.

            “Hi, I'm Rumaisa!” The girl said as she smiled. Everyone was outside of the shabby house waiting for the vehicle. But then the vehicle arrived.

            “Took you long enough.” Altair said.

            “Chill bro, there was a lot of traffic and you guys were MILES away!” Gwydion said.

            “And I thought you could teleport.” Altair said as he rushed everyone into the car.

            “And I thought you told us to bring a car, Gwydion can’t teleport heavy things.” Anna said beside Gwydion.

            “Oh yea…Never mind that– we must go back to the void.” Altair said as he kept on holding Azat. Azat was happy to be in someone's hands, he felt warm…


Chapter 6: The Truth…

            A few years later, Azat is now turning 14.

            “Azat, wakey wakey it's time for class!” A mysterious voice from Azat’s right said. “...AZAT IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP!!!”

            “AH! Oh hey Earl your hair is looking more bright red today…your eyes also look more of a light purple now…” Azat said. Earl was one of the kids that were saved by Yoshiko.

            “Ah…yes it's because it's morning. NOW GET UP WE WILL BE LATE FOR CLASS! You even have more classes after magic classes…assassin classes to be exact”

            “Yea…but I want to be able to protect the people I love by being an assassin and even learn magic!” Azat's head dropped. The door to Azat’s bedroom opened.

            “Oh, Hello, Earl, I'm just going to talk to my son. Is it ok if you leave?” Altair said with a smile.

            “Oh, Yes sir. I will be leaving now, Azat. Bye!” Earl walked away. Azat turned his head to look at his father standing next to him and glared.

            “Father….why did you have to tell Earl to leave….I wanted him to stay…” Azat pouted.

            “Sorry dear…but today is the day I tell you the truth about me and Willy…” Altair's face got darker in sorrow but Azat’s face shined bright enough to be a star. “Your mood swings are so tiring sometimes.”

            “Who said I wasn’t tiring?” Azat said as he smiled.

            “Do I have to go away too?” Lucifer said from the ceiling.

            “Yes, you have to go, Luci.” Azat said glaring at Lucifer.

            “Gee, rude much…” Lucifer said as he started to disappear into thin air.

            “So father…what did you want to tell me?” Azat said, trying to calm himself down.

            “As I said…I am going to tell you the truth since you are at that age…Are you ready? If you need more time to prepare I could…”Altair

            “NO NO! I could handle the truth, please do tell me!” Azat said, disrupting what Altair said.

            “Oh….Okay I will tell you…Ok it started when I was younger…You see…We weren't born here we were born in Viokiola…

“Who’s we?” Azat said cutting off Altair again.

“....Me and Willy, now no more questions.” Altair said. “Ok so…we were born in Viokiola. Viokiola is a place where there is a huge void surrounding the whole place to protect it. Nobody could go in or out unless you had void magic…and I happened to have one. People with void magic can remove ANYONE'S void and I was a child so people thought of me as a threat to them.”

“How rude of them!” Azat pouts.

“...ANYWAYS…I was basically an outcast until…I met this young boy…well the same age as me, which was unfortunately Willy…He was such a nice boy…but the turning point has begun…I tried to use my power but I accidentally took the barrier down and to my surprise there were orphanage people outside banging on the void, trying to get in but once the void went down, they all came rushing in grabbing kids and hurting their parents…some even were killed…”

“So you're an orphan, father?” Azat said with a soft chuckle.

“Stop interrupting me please.” Altair said

“Oh…Sorry father, go on!” Azat said, trying to not laugh.

“Ok so back to what I was saying…Willy never had parents, he never knew who his parents were, he was parentless so he had no one to worry about. Or so I thought. He came over to me just to try to save me from someone from the orphanage, but…he got caught by the man instead…I was so scared…I ran away and I regret ever doing that…But that changed him a lot. He wanted us to leave together because we were particularly brothers. I have missed him ever since. But when I met you…you had the smell of Willy’s bracelet…Our bracelets have a certain smell so we can always find each other but I couldn’t find him…”

“Oh uhm…Maybe that's because Willy gave me the bracelet.”

“Well…that's the truth about why he hates me and why he is in an orphanage.”


Chapter 7: Forgiveness?

            “That must be hard father…but you must ask for forgiveness if you feel bad.” Azat said, putting his hand on his father’s back.

            “I want to ask for forgiveness but I'm scared he might reject it…” Altair said as he sobbed lightly.

            “Is this some type of confession?” Azat said with his hand on his hips with a small glare.

            “WHAT NO!” Altair yelled as he backed away a little.

            “Then find out where Willy is and ask for forgiveness!”

“It's not that easy son…”

“I know it isn’t easy father but you have to apologize before anything bad happens.”

“...I guess you are right…I will be off to go to Willy. But you go back to your lessons.” Altair said walking out of the room.

“Yes father!” Azat rushed to go to the training room grabbing his sword, Altair then opened a tracker device.

“Hm…he's back in our home village…” Altair holds his hand out to create a portal. He goes through the portal to find himself in a town that had broken houses and ashes all around. “Oh wow…it's been a long time since I've been here…There seems to be some nature, that's good.” Altair heard a bush rustle. “WHO’S THERE!?” He took out what seemed to be a lighter but it turned into a sword. Something that was behind the bushes appeared. It was a tall man. “Wait…WILLY!? Altair gasped in utter shock.

“Shhh…the people from the orphanage are here!” Willy said, hushing Altair. Altair snuck into the same bush as Willy.

“Why are you hiding here? Aren’t you working for the orphanage?” Altair said, confused.

“Well, the orphanage found out I met with you guys so I'm basically targeted right now.” Willy said in a soft giggle. Altair opened a void and pushed Willy in. “AHHHHH” Willy screamed. Altair then jumped in the void and teleported in Azat’s bedroom.

“Oh father, you’re back with Willy?” Azat said sitting on his bed.

“Yes, I am. Now shoo Azat.” Altair said, pushing Azat out.

“Ok, Ok” Azat walked out of the door and closed it.

“I just wanted to say…I'm sorry…can I have your forgiveness?” Altair said in a soft voice

“No” Willy said in a deep voice.

“Oh…Ok…” Altair said in a cracking voice, shedding tears.


“You do..?” Altair said in a slightly happy voice.

“Yes…I’m also sorry for not being here for you…I was scared ok?” Willy sighed. Altair rushed to Willy and hugged him with tears in his eyes. Willy hugged him back with a big smile on his face.

“Awww that's cute!!!!” Azat said, peeking through the door.

“OUT” Altair said, pointing out the door. Azat ran out the door giggling.


There is always a saying, “There is always a light to darkness.”


The End