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The Copycat Demon By Aria Rose

Sarah should’ve known something was off when Gabriella wasn’t in her room.  “Gaby!  Let's go shopping!” Sarah yelled.  Sarah didn’t hear a response from Gabriella so she ran up the stairs to go get her.  Sarah ran to Gabriella’s room and peeked in, “Gaby, you in here?”  There was no response.  Sarah knew there was something wrong since Gabriella never left her room, unless she was grabbing food from the kitchen or using the bathroom.  But she was nowhere to be found.  Until finally she found her in the attic looking through boxes.  “Ah, there you are!” Sarah exclaimed.  Gabriella still wouldn’t reply.  “Gaby?” Sarah said worriedly.  Gabriella turned around and Sarah saw a terrible sight.  “G-Gaby…” Sarah said, her voice trembling with terror.  Gabriella's eyes were pitch black.  “AHHHHHHHHHHHH” Sarah yelled. 


Then she woke up on her bed again panting heavily.  "What the-" Sarah said in a scared tone.  All of a sudden she heard a creak.  "EEK!" Sarah screeched. 


"Huh, oh you're finally up." Gabriella said.  "Why'd you scream so loudly earlier?" Gabriella asked. 


Sarah was too scared to answer.  They stared at each other for a long time until finally Gabriella broke the silence. 


"Ok, what the hell is going on?  " Gabriella said, walking up to Sarah. 


"NO, Y-YOU GET AWAY FROM ME!" Sarah yelled.  Gabriella was stunned, she had never seen Sarah that frightened before.  She was even more shocked when she realized it was herself who Sarah was afraid of.  Gabriella stared at her scared girlfriend for a few seconds and then left the room, leaving Sarah to sit alone on her bed. 


Why were her eyes pitch black?  What happened back there?  Was it all just a dream?”  all of these questions were flowing through her head at once.  “Maybe I should've asked her about it before she left…” Sarah thought to herself.  “Ughh…my head hurts…” Sarah moaned.  “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to sleep a little more…” Sarah whispered as she dozed off. 



By the time she woke up it was 4:30 pm.  Sarah got off of her bed yawning.  “My head isn’t hurting as much as it was earlier…” Sarah said in a low tone, “I guess it was all a dream.”  She went to the kitchen to grab something to eat since she hasn’t eaten all day.  Once she got to the kitchen she saw Gabriella waiting for her. 


“Finally done throwing your little tantrum?” Gabriella asked.


 “Oh, yeah about that.  I’m sorry I had a little nightmare where you were nowhere to be found and by the time I found you, your eyes were pitch black.”  Sarah said hurriedly. 


“Geeze, if that were the case you didn’t have to yell at me to get away from you…” Gabriella said slightly angrily. 


“I-I’m sorry” Sarah said, too scared to look at Gabriella. 


“If you were truly sorry you wouldn’t be looking at the ground but looking at me instead.” Gabriella mumbled. 


Sarah looked up and mumbled, “are you mad at me?” 


Gabriella stared at her silently for a few seconds and then finally said, “a little bit, yeah.” 


Sarah was slightly upset about it but didn’t blame Gabriella for being mad at her.  “It is technically my fault anyway…” Sarah thought to herself. 


“Oh, umm, what can I do to make you not upset anymore?” Sarah said. 


Gabriella stood there facing away from Sarah for a while.  As Sarah finished her food, she looked up at Gabriella to see her still, in the same position she was in earlier, standing still while facing the counter holding a plate.  Sarah finished her food and got up to put the dishes into the sink. 


“Um, Gabby?” Sarah said as she put the dishes into the sink.  Sarah turned her head to see Gabriella gone.  “Where the hell did she run off to!?” Sarah wondered. 



Sarah went to Gabriella’s room to see if she was in there. 

“Oh, there you are!” Sarah exclaimed. 


“Huh, oh you’re awake already?” Gabriella said in a shocked voice. 


Sarah was confused, “What do you mean? We literally had a whole conversation downstairs in the kitchen while I was eating.” 


Gabriella looked even more confused, “What do you mean? I’ve been playing Genshin in here ever since I woke up.” Gabriella stared at Sarah extremely confused, “Are you ok?” 


Sarah felt like she was going to puke, “If Gabby was in here the whole time then who was that girl in the kitchen?” she thought.  Sarah just sighed and then walked away back to her own room. 




Sarah~” someone said in a squeaky tone.  Sarah frantically turned around to see who was there but there was no one.  She turned back around and then heard it again, “Sarah~” the squeaky voice said again. 


“Ok, this isn’t funny anymore, who and where are you?!” Sarah said earnestly.  All of a sudden there was water dripping from the ceiling.  Sarah looked up in fear.  “AHHHHHHHH” Sarah screeched at the sight of Gabriella on the ceiling but deformed in some way.  She had pitch black eyes like the one she saw in her dreams.  But this one had some sort of weird power, kind of like Spiderman’s where he can shoot webs and things like that. 

Sarah~” the spider Gabriella said again. 


“W-what do you want!?” Sarah yelled.  The spider Gabriella didn’t say a word.  “Well?  I’m waiting.” Sarah said impatiently. 


“Knock Knock, you in there?” someone said while knocking on the door. 


“What the-” Sarah said in shock.  Then all of a sudden, the spider Gabriella went running and phased through the wall into the next room.  “HEY!” Sarah yelled, “WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING!?” 


All of a sudden Gabriella walked into the reading room, “Ok, mind explaining to me what is going on?” Gabriella asked, clearly annoyed. 


“Uh, well there was this HUGE thing that looked like you but with spider legs!” Sarah explained, “It was in here I swear!  But then it just vanished through that wall!” Sarah explained pointing at the wall full of books. 


Gabriella walked up towards the bookshelf and started taking the books out of the bookshelf.  “Nothing.” Gabriella said unamused.  Then she started walking towards the door. 


“W-Wait!  Gabby I promise I’m not lying!  It was there, I saw it with my own 2 eyes!” Sarah said rapidly. 


“OK, OK, ENOUGH!” Gabriella screamed. 


Sarah froze in shock.  “G-Gaby..” Sarah said in a frightened tone. 


“You have been acting strange all day!” Gabriella continued, “And you won't even tell me what is going on!” 


“I AM TELLING YOU WHAT IS GOING ON!” Sarah responded yelling, “THERE ARE MULTIPLE OF YOU OR SOMETHING — ONE WITH PITCH BLACK EYES ANOTHER ONE WITH SPIDER LIKE SENSES OR SOMETHING-”  Gabriella slapped Sarah before she could continue.  “G-Gabby…” Sarah mumbled in fear. 


“I understand that we currently have a break from school because of the murderer running around town killing people from our school.  BUT, that isn’t an excuse for you to be acting like this!” Gabriella scolded, “Just because there is a murderer around doesn’t mean that they are in this house roaming around looking like me.  You literally saw me in the kitchen cleaning dishes, in my room playing Genshin AND in the attic looking through old family photos.  Now you are telling me that there is a , and I quote, ‘Spider looking thing that looks like me!’ Phasing through walls in this house.”




Sarah was just standing there processing everything that Gabriella had said.  Then she suddenly realized. 


“Wait, when did I tell you that I saw you in the attic?” Sarah questioned wearily, slowly backing away from the Gabriella standing in front of her. 


“What are you talking about?  You literally told me in the bedroom?” Gabriella responded. 


“No…I did not…all we did was stare at each other for a while after I told you to get away from me…” Sarah explained.  Then they both silently stared at each other.  Gabriella realizing that she had messed up, as Sarah realized that the Gabriella right in front of her wasn’t her girlfriend.   Slowly Sarah started to walk towards the door.  Gabriella just stood there.  Once Sarah made it to the door Gabriella started making some weird sounds, “ਨਾ離開मी.  It sounded like some sort of demonic ritual. 


“SARAH BEHIND YOU!” someone screamed.  Sarah turned around to see Gabriella jumping at her.  But instead of pitch black eyes like she expected to see, instead it was some deformed body.  With Black and red spikes sticking out of the body, extremely big and sharp, yellow teeth, the eyes were red but the sclera was black instead of white. 


“What the-” Sarah said in surprise falling onto her back.  All of a sudden something came out of nowhere and shot the thing that Sarah once thought was Gabriella in the head. 


“Run.” the godly figure ordered. 


“Wha-what…?” Sarah questioned. 


“RUN!” It said again, this time shielding Sarah with its body. 


Sarah got up and started to run, when all of a sudden the spider-like Gabriella reappeared.  Immediately, Sarah started to run in the opposite direction.  Then she saw another figure coming up the stairs,  where Sarah saw herself.  Another Sarah staring right at her, just a little older. 


“AHHHHHHHHHHHH” They both screamed at the same time.  Then all of a sudden the other Sarah pulled out a gun and started to shoot at the real Sarah.  But instead of killing Sarah, the bullets went right through her. 


“H-huh,” Sarah said confused. 


“Wh-why…Why aren’t you disappearing!” The other Sarah screamed in fear, “THEY SAID THAT THIS GUN KILLS THEM…So why…” The other Sarah said before fainting right there on the spot. 


Sarah just stood there confused as to what was happening.  Then she heard more demonic screeching. She quickly picked up the gun and started running, passing the body of herself and running down the stairs to the front door.  Sarah tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge.  She turned around to see the Spider Gabriella munching on the other Sarah.  She was terrified, then she remembered about the gun. 

She never learned how to use a gun but she watched a lot of anime and movies where people would fight using guns, swords and other weapons.  She held up the gun and pointed at the Spider-like Gabriella and pulled the trigger.  BANG! Then the spider-like Gabriella fell to the ground screeching. 


“What the-” Sarah Said in surprise.  Then she noticed the other ones coming down the hallway towards her!  “CRAP!” Sarah mumbled as she tried the door again.  Which still refused to budge.  She decided to try doing what any other movie character would do and break down the door with her body.  The only problem with that is that she isn’t as strong or muscular as any of those movie characters.  She was just a normal, frail girl with blonde hair not knowing what the heck was going on.  She turned around to see the monsters even closer – now it would only take them about 2 minutes to get to her now.  “It’s now or never” Sarah thought, and started walking away from the door and then charged right at it. 




The door still didn’t budge, so she did it again.  SLAM!  She checked the door and there were a bit of cracks. Quickly, she ran at it again.  There were a lot of crashes until the door was practically broken.  Swiftly, Sarah turned around to see the Monsters just a feet or 2 away from her.  She didn’t have enough time to slam herself at the door again so instead she held the gun up and tried shooting the door.  BAM!  The door was unharmed.  All of the cracks disappeared.  The door was fixed again. 

Instead of losing faith she tried the door again.  It still wouldn’t budge.  “No…” Sarah whispered.  Then she fainted. 

Waking up in a beautiful place full of pure white clouds and a beautiful blue sky, looking like the exact definition of heaven.   All of a sudden the “God figure” showed up out of nowhere.  Wearing the same white and yellow hood that looked like a long dress reaching her feet, a face mask that’s the same color as her outfit, and dark blonde hair covering her eyes. 


“Hello, we meet again…Sarah.” The god-like figure said. 


“W-who are you?” Sarah stuttered.  There was no response to her, just a low mumble.  “What?” Sarah asked, getting off the cloud she was sitting on.  There was a long silence before the figure finally started to talk.


“We don’t have much time, I will answer any questions you have before you get sent back.” 


“Ok then, what is your name?” Sarah asked. 


“Alora.” She responded. 


“What were those monsters that looked like Gabby?” Sarah questioned. 


“They are demons.  One of the most annoying kinds, the copycat demon.” Alora answered. 


“Well, what do they want with me and Gaby?!” Sarah demanded.  Alora didn’t respond this time and instead just stared at Sarah. 


Alora then sighed and said in a sad tone, “Sarah, in case you haven't realized… Gabriella died… a week ago.”  Sarah stood there in shock, not knowing what to say in response.  “She died from one of the copycat demons in case you were wondering.” Alora shrugged. 

Sarah was terrified hearing this news.  The past week she had been talking to a fake without even knowing it.  That’s when she realized, “Wait, how am i supposed to know if you’re not a demon then!” Sarah asked in terror.   All of a sudden Alora took off her cloak to reveal an horrific view of her body.  Revealing the right half of her body being covered in burn marks while her left leg and torso being prosthetic, while the rest of her body completely white.  Long blonde hair tied in a ponytail with 2 braids connected to the main ponytail and sky blue eyes.  She had wings too but the wing on the right was smaller than the one on the left. 


“What happened to the right side of your body…and why is that wing smaller than the other?” Sarah asked. 


“I feel as though these questions are getting a bit more…what was the word…personal…” Alora mumbled. 


“Well, you did say you would answer any question I had…” Sarah complained. 


“Hah, I got burned from a war which is what caused my death, that’s why I’m up here after all.” Alora smiled. 


“Wait, you’re dead…?” Sarah asked, confused. 


“Umm, yeah?” Alora continued, “we’re at the area where we decide whether or not you should go to heaven.”




Sarah hadn’t realized she died until that very moment when Alora told her where she was.  In heaven, no, the gateway to heaven.  She thought at least.  “But I’m not so sure if you’ll be going to heaven…” Alora said sadly, “You might be going to hell instead.”