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Love to Hate by Jaz

Lucia Arians recalls when class started and a boy dressed in black came in. His clothes dripped water from the heavy rain.

“Alexander Jakson, am I right? You’re late to your first day of high school” says the teacher.


”I know and I'm really sorry, there was a lot of traffic,” replies Alexander, out of breath.


“That's fine, next time don't come late.  Go sit next to Lucia – Lucia in the fourth row” says the teacher through laughter. 

Alexander made his way through the crowded row, to his assigned seat.  “Hey, you’re Lucia right? Or am I in the wrong row?”  Alexander says nervously.


“You're in the right row, don’t worry,” replies Lucia cheerfully. Lucia’s thinking to herself: He is cute and attractive. I just met him and I don't even know him. I never fall this fast. After composing her thoughts, she musters up the courage to carry on the conversation. ”Are you interested in photography too?”Lucia asks trying not to look at him


“Yeah, I am, that's why I'm taking photography classes instead of drama” answers Alexander noticing how lucia doesn't look at him.


Lucia’s internal voice sounds on again : I sound like an idiot. He is obviously interested in photography because if he wasn't he wouldn't be in this class. I sound like a total idiot.


Alexander's internal voice: did i upset her?


”So what is your favorite thing to take pictures of?” asks Alexander.


“Nature. It's something calming, something I’ve liked for a very long time,” Lucia replies.

The teacher starts talking about the rules and things they would be learning so they stop talking and pay attention. After some time of taking notes and reviewing the class syllabus, they get the cue that it’s finally Free Time! After class, Alexander and Lucia go for a walk outside.  They stopped at the peach-colored wooden seats outside their school. A very natural conversation ensued as they stood outside of the building.


“Hey Lucia,  may I go with you? I don't want to be alone” Alexander asks feeling like a      coward


“Sure, I don't have anyone to sit with, so why not?” says Lucia through a smile.

“Are you new to the school?” Alexander asks curiously


“I am new, but I know most people here because of my older sister, she's 24 years old.” answers Lucia very proudly.


“Woah, cool did she study here too?” asks Alexander, fascinated at learning more about his newfound companion.


“She did! She studied for the drama program” Lucia said.


“That's cool, did she do something with that?” asks Alexander.


“Not really, she stopped in her second year and then learned how to make clothing and stuff with technology and technology in general,”  says Lucia with a disappointed voice.


“Wow, that must be cool,” said Alexander, being really interested in this conversation.  He couldn’t help but wonder more about Lucia’s family and background. The shift to the disappointment in her voice intrigued him and he wanted to know more.


“Do you have siblings?” asks Lucia.


“Uhm, I don't actually!”  answers Alexander.  They found a bench and took a seat together.

“This is a very nice school to be honest. It's very clean, big and pretty.”  says Alexander, impressed by the school design and the way it’s clean.


“It is the windows you can see outside and how pretty it looks,” says Lucia.


“When did you get interested in nature and all of that?” asks Alexander.


“Oh, my father loves it. He also loves photography and showed me it and that's how I started liking both of them.  But nature is very calming. I really love it - and you? How did you come to take an interest in photography?”says Lucia.


“Well I just liked the way talking photos can make a story from one photo and make people feel something” says Alexander.


“Wow, that's nice you should show me some of your work. I would love to see it” says Lucia.


“Sure! Give me your phone number and I'll show you,” says Alexander with a bright smile.


“Sure” they both share their phone numbers.


”Send me some of your work and I'll send you some of mine” says Lucia. They proceeded to send their work to each other through nervousness and excitement combined.

            “Wow, I love the sunset at the beach,” Alexander says, complementing Lucia’s talent.


“Thanks, I love your city view photo” says Lucia complementing Alexander. Both Alexander and Lucia put away their cellphones


“Do you want to hang out after school?” asks Alexander.


“I can't, I'm busy”responds Lucia.


“Oh okay so some other day then” says Alexander.


“I'll see if I'm not busy. So what's your next class?” says Lucia.


“History actually and you, what's your next class?” says Alexander.


“My next class is Music so we are not together until tomorrow - 3 classes together, cool” says Lucia.


“Do you play music?  What do you do there?  I have music on Mondays and Fridays,” says Alexander.


“I am trying to learn guitar. My sister knows, she is very talented, and I'm not sure what we do there. I'm new silly, but I have music on Wednesdays and Fridays. What time do you have music on Monday and Friday?” says  Lucia.


“Period 6 I on Friday then on Monday I have 5th period, and you?” says Alexander.


 “Wednesdays I have period 3 and on Friday period 6.” says Lucia.

The school bell rang for the next period.Lucia and Alexander grabbed their belongings and headed back to their school building and finished their first day of school.After having a nice refreshing conversation with Alexander,the mood was pleasant


“Lucia you're being picked up, your parent is here,” says a Music teacher.  The teacher walks to the door.

“Must be my sister. I'll text you and see you tomorrow!” Lucia says to Alexander as she grabs her belongings and heads for the door.


“Oh, uhm… I will see you later” says Alexander.


“HEY LUCI” says Lucia's sister, Lia.


“Hi Lia, why did you pick me up so early?” says Lucia.


 “Um the family party we have to go to” says Lia.

 “Oh that’s right. Okay,  let's go then” says Lucia. They make it to the car on the rainy day and make it to their bick apartment building on the third floor.


“So I fixed your pants and jacket so that they are waterproof so you don't have to worry from the harsh rain” Lia says to Lucia in her caring and motherly tone. 


“Thanks, today is very rainy so did you fix the other one or is it a whole new one?” says Lucia.


“It’s a whole new one, the other one it's pretty damaged,” says Lia.


“So where is my new job?” Lucia says excited to find out.


“Hmm, you're stealing a dress and giving it to Pablo’s wife Esmeralda and she will tell you the drama you know,”says Lia.


“But where is it?”  says Lucia.  Lia begins to type in her computer each key brightens with color as she types.


“New keyboard I see! You  have so many. Why do you keep buying a lot of them?” Lucia curiously asks her sister as she types away on the newest glowing keyboard.


“Uh, they're very pretty and I like them. I also plan on giving some away since they're all in the junk of boxes,” Lia replies.


“Since we moved here, you’ve kept those boxes in the same place. They are collecting dust! You never clean, you are so messy, sis” Says Lucia being annoyed of Lia’s mess


“Do you clean?” Lia snapped back.


“I do. You just stay in this room all day. You only leave to get food or to use the bathroom” says Lucia.


“I'm your older sister! I have things to do that's why I send  you to do so much but this is what dad also wanted!” says Lia.


“I don't think dad wanted his oldest daughter to be in a room all day doing nothing risky while the youngest one is doing all the risky work! Just tell me where the place is so I can get this over with!” shouts Lucia.   She became frustrated at this conversation.  Not having their dad around was tough enough, but fighting to support themselves and carry out the family business was just another challenge to add on top of it all.


“This is what dad clearly wanted  or he wouldn't have told  Pablo all this information about your jobs. You do it because we agreed to it. You wanted to do the stealing. I never asked for it, you knew what you were signing up for,”says Lia.Sounds of gunshots go to her ears on a dark nightDAD ,DAD ARE YOU OKAY?! DAD!”  Yells 7 year old Lucia Two loud gunshots are heard.  Lucia goes running to her father “DAD, YOU”RE BLEEDING DAD,DAD!” Lucia screams through cries of desperation and fear.  “You  don't have a father anymore young one” a mysterious person dressed in a black leather suit says to the young Lucia.


Lucia starts crying “I can still remember everything that happened that day. I wish it never happened! I wish I didn't remember it every time you mention dad! ” she says through sobs and sniffles; tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I'm sorry,  sis that  you saw it and I  didn’t. I was with Aunt  Annie and you were with mom,It should have been me” says Lia.


“He is dead, nothing can fix that. I should just get ready,” says Lucia, wiping her tears and getting herself composed again.


“Are you sure? I can do the job, you don't need to worry about it” says Lia.


“I'm going. I need some fresh air anyway. Plus you took me away from my school day and the school year just started!! I might as well just do it,” a frustrated Lucia replies.


“Okay then, Pablo said to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art but are you sure you don't want me to go instead?” Lia continues to question doubtfully.


“No, Lia!  I'll be fine. Like I said, I need some fresh air,” replies Lucia.


“Okay then. So you're stealing a blue puffy dress – a really pretty dress. No idea why they would want it, honestly. The dress is by the Rodarte design house” explained Lia, fascinated by the job.


“Okay, thanks. Give me these clothes” says Lucia as she grabs all her black colored clothing her sister made.  Lucia walks to her room filled with colors and galaxies to change. 30 minutes later, she starts walking to her sister’s room.

“Amazing, I love the way she turned out!”  Lia yelled out of happiness. Lucia looks at herself in the gold frame colored mirror. black button up shirt with bow in the top of the button up with a black mini skirt and plack pants and finally her blazer jacket.


“Since when did clothes have genders?” questioned Lucia.


“Now they are… joking, okay don’t yell at me,” Lia says through laughter. 


“I'm leaving now, give me the earbuds,” Lucia says as she puts her hand in front of her sister's face. Lia smiles at Lucia as she gives Lucia her earbuds.


“I'll see you later”  says Lucia as she smiles back at her sister, now ready for the mission.



10:23 am – Lucia puts on a sky blue puffer jacket as she walks to her door to head out. After 1 train ride and 2 bus rides, she finally makes it to Pablo's house. She rings their doorbell.


“Oh hello, hija, come inside, come, come,” Esmeralda says relieved.


“Oh okay I’m going” Lucia says as she laughs.


“Would you like to eat before you go on your trip? Your sister always makes you leave early. You should tell her to send you 3 hours later, not earlier. She never cares right?” says a judgemental Esmeralda.


“Yeah she doesn't.  I have told her many times but I would like to eat, thank you for offering.What do you have?” Lucia says with an annoying face.  Esmeralda puts heat resistance cooking gloves and puts a pot to the center of their  dining table.


“Mole Sauce! I knew you were coming so I made one sweet for you,”says Esmeralda with the brightest smile.


“Oh thank you so much! I have been wanting to eat some actually! Quick question: where is Tio Pablo?” Lucia asks.


“Oh, he said he would go and get some snacks since we ran out. Why do you ask?” Esmeralda says as she pours Mole sauce in a Mexican colorful bowl.


“Oh, uhm… I’m just asking because he is always here, unlike my sister and I think we should eat all together,” Lucia responds in a disappointed voice.


“Aww, you have such a kind heart, hija. Let's eat. He had already eaten since we went to buy snacks obviously. Come, sit down” says Esmeralda as she pulls out a dining room chair for Lucia to sit down in.  Esmeralda then opens a container with flower designs, and hands Lucia a spoon.


“Oh, thanks” says Lucia as she makes herself a plate of food.


“You’re welcome” responds Esmeralda.


Esmeralda and Lucia try the Mole sauce containing chicken and rice! Lucia tastes a bit of the Mole sauce and burns her tongue. She looks at Esmeralda and starts laughing.


“Did you burn yourself?” Esmeralda asks Lucia.


“In fact I did! it's amazing food though” responds Lucia, embarrassed. After an hour of eating and talking, Lucia gets up and pushes the chair from the round table. Lucia walks to a white four box cabinet filled with many things like shoes, a sewing machine and a big round box with a flower pattern. Lucia grabs  the box and makes her way back to the brown round table. Lucia opens the box and gets many black hair extensions and clips them to her hair. She was unable to put them in herself, so she asked for Esmeralda’s help.


“Why do you put these on every time? They're annoying,” Esmeralda says as she shakes her head.


“They aren't annoying, I just like them because they make me look different and pretty,” says Lucia.   After hours of struggling she finally gets them on her hair.


“We're finished finally! You should get ready to head out, it’s 2:34 pm” Esmeralda says relieved.


“Can I leave my jacket here?” asks Lucia while she holds her jacket.


“Yeah, sure, I’ll just leave it in your Tio’s room” replies Esmeralda.

Lucia walks to her uncle Pablo’s small master bedroom and places her puffer jacket  on a pretty flower fixed bed. She then  walks back to the front door and prepares to set out on her mission.


“I'll go now, I'll see you later then!” says Lucia looking at Esmeralda with a very gloomy face.

“Safe travels!”  yells Esmeralda as Lucia walks away.

After 2 hours of traveling to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she makes it to the scene.


“Oh Lucia, you finally made it! Hurry up, I already closed up the museum. Go see if your uncle's story is true, I don't think it is so just go” says a friend of Uncle Pablo.


Lucia walks in the museum and goes to the place where they have the dress.


“You’re late. You should have come earlier” says a distant voice. Lucia looked around to see where the voice was coming from.


“Can you just put the dress back? It’s a waste.  The police already know about this, just put it back and you can save yourself from stupid problems.” Lucia says with an annoyed tone.

“You don't seem happy today. But, I’ll see you later someday,” the mysterious person says.


“Why do you do this? I don't see why I have to steal something.  I’m too young for this!” says Lucia, hoping something will happen in her favor.


“Do you think I care? I’m just coming here for the dress. That’s if nothing else. I’m going to go now, I’ll see you next time” says the mystery person. Lucia goes  looking around the museum.


“Did you find them?” asks a guard in the museum.


“No, go call the team. I know they’re still in here, it's filled with police” says Lucia.


“Okay then.” says the guard. The guard pulls out a walkie talkie and says “We need to help. The person has left with the dress.” Lucia goes and looks around the museum. The person appears in front of her and pulls her into a nearby bathroom.


“You can keep the dress, just help me with one thing please” says the voice.


“Who are you, why do you do this?” asks Lucia.


“I can't actually tell you why, but just help me. I don't like to do this sort of thing because I'm so young. Just take the dress and um make a fake story,” begs the person.


“Just tell me who you are before they find out both of us are here!” asks Lucia.


“I'm a dude in highschool that's it and I don't like wasting my time on this but you were late you should have come earlier.” says the person.


“What's your name?” asks Lucia.


“ My name is Jax. I just really need your help. You know the police! It might be that you’re related to one but I need help!” says Jax.


“Help in what way? Make it quick!” Lucia says annoyed.


“Um, I can't say. My family might find out. They’re not fun people. Please stop my family, they are a handful” Jax says with a very down voice.


“How do I know this isn't a trick? But is your family forcing you to do this? I don't get it. What do you need help with?” Lucia says very confused.


“Just take the dress and leave.”  Says Jax as he gives the dress to Lucia. Lucia takes the dress and looks worried for Jax.


“Are you sure you will be okay?” Asks Lucia being very worried.


“Yeah, just go ahead. I will go later on.” Answers Jax.


Lucia gets the dress garment bag and opens it to see if the dress is in good condition. She looks at Jax and runs out of the bathroom yelling. Sounds of her boots can be heard because of the dead silence the museum has.


“Guard, police! People!” Lucia says as she runs to the last place she saw guard. The guard hears her screams and rushes to Lucia.


“Lucia, you found the dress, what about the thief? What happened to him” The Guard worried while he took the dress from Lucia. Lucia walks away from the guard and heads to the entrance.


“Luci, how is the job?” Says Lia in Lucia’s earbud. Lucia stands still and seconds later releases its Lia in the ear bud.


“Oh, I didn’t know I had the earbud, sorry but it’s fine I got the dress” says Lucia.


“I heard about your new friend … Jax, am I right? You should tell Pablo he could be a problem.”  Lia says in a very serious voice.


“We can talk later at home about it. I will take out my ear bud. I’ll see you later.” Lucia says as she starts walking outside and takes her blue earbud that had a happy smiley face sticker.


“Lucia, you got the dress. Did someone really take it? Your uncle was right about it. Why does he take you? Don’t you have an older sibling?” asks the friend of uncle Pablo.


“I actually have a sister, but she doesn’t want to know anything about uncle Pablo. She doesn’t like him, not even my aunt.” says Lucia. Pablo’s friend looks at the concrete ground and then he spots uncle Pablo running to them.


“Look! Your uncle is coming.” uncle Pablo’s friend says trying to change the awkward conversation.


“Lucia…Hey how was it ? I heard that you actually came. Happy 25th job.” Uncle Pablo said very proud, almost crying.


“Um, thanks… but I want to go home. I gave the dress to one of the guards inside.” says Lucia as she walks down the stairs. Lucia walks away from the museum out of Pablo and Pablo’s friend.     


“I think she is annoyed by something. You can tell from her voice.” says Pablo’s friend.


“You think I should talk to her? Maybe I should give her space?” asks Pablo. They look at each other then they look at Lucia talking to a guard.


“You should talk to her,” says Pablo’s friend.


 Pablo was going to comment but then his friend left to get the dress to safety. Minutes later, Lucia starts walking to the bus stop to go back to her aunt and uncle's house. She hears a car beeping. She looks around to see where the sound is coming from – a black Jeep parks in front of her.  The window rolls down.


“Lucia I knew you would be here. Do you want to come in so we can go home together?” askd Pablo.


“Okay” Lucia replies as she walks to the car and opens the door to sit next to the driver.


             “Is everything okay, you don't seem well today?”  Asks Pablo


            “I just wish I could have a normal life without thinking about something happening to our family because we entered this mess. I'm too young for this. I'm just doing it because I have to continue what my dad apparently wanted, which I believe is nonsense. A complete family, a normal sister is all I want.” replies Lucia as she crosses her arms in frustration.

            “Oh I didn't know you felt that way. Maybe I could stop. You can spend your days enjoying your school life,``says Pablo.


“I don't know. I will just continue with that. You get a lot of money so why not” says Lucia in a very annoyed tone of voice.


“Okay then” Lucia says as she moves closer to the car's window and opens the window for fresh air.  After an awkward silent car ride, they both make it home at night. Both her and her uncle go to the house.


“Lucia you're okay. How was it?” asks Esmeralda as she goes up to Lucia for a hug.

“It was fine” answers Lucia as she accepts Esmeralda’s hug.


“I'm going to go inside now; may I have some bread?” asks Lucia as she stops hugging Esmeralda.


“Yeah, go ahead, hija. I'll be outside here,” says Esmeralda as she looks at Lucia going inside their small family 2 floor white house.


“I'm worried for her. She seems annoyed” says Pablo as he gets his bag of snacks from the back of the car.


“She seems fine. Maybe she is just tired from school. Give her some space,” says Esmeralda as she touches Pablo’s arm.


“Come inside, you haven't eaten all day. Let's go eat” says Esmeralda as she pulls Pablo inside the house. Lucia grabs her bread and heads outside to their backyard and sits in some flower decorated metal seats and places her bread on a side table. A large bang can be heard outside from the roof.  Lucia gets up from the bench and walks backwards to see what's on the roof. Jax falls from the roof. 


“Hey, I did follow you– sorry” Jax says in a shy tone.


“What, why, what are you doing here?” asks Lucia in total shock.


“I need help, let's go up the roof,” says Jax as he stands on the chair Lucia was on.


“But my uncle will see. I must not be with you– you're one of the bad thieves” Lucia says with a worried face. Jax jumps to the roof making a big bang then he holds his hand out for Lucia.


“Fine, but if I get in trouble we're both dead” says Lucia.  She holds Jax’s hand and stands on the chair and makes her way to the roof. They both sit together looking at nature, the moon and the city view of the glowing lights.


“It looks so nice up here. I don’t have my camera” Lucia says, being very ashamed of herself.


“I love the city view but you remind me of someone, what's your name? You never told me” Asks Jax.


“Um..Ari my name is Ari”  Lucia lies, while being very nervous.


“Ari.. Cool name” Jax complements Lucia.


“Thanks, but who do I remind you of?” asks Lucia.


“You remind me of a person I like…but it doesn't matter right now, let's get to the point. My parents “control me” . They give me things to do and I have to do them or I will get punished. I will get my “normal life” taken away which I care a lot about,” says Jax as he crosses his arms.


“What is your “normal life” and what does it look like?” Asks Lucia.


“High school… doing my talents hanging out with people, going to parks, experiencing life, having friends, and being able to go outside. That's my “normal life”. But stealing is something my parents want me to do forever– but it isn't me. I wish I could give to the community instead of taking away from it but I can't because otherwise they will hit me or make fun of me until they see the weakest in me.” Jax says as his tears come down his face.


“Wow I didn't know it was like that, I'm so sorry” Says Lucia as she looks at Jax. Jax looks back at Lucia.


“I'm sorry, I truly am, it must be hard” Says Lucia. She then gets a napkin from her blazer jacket and gives it to Jax so he can wipe his tears.


“What do you want me to do about them?” Asks Lucia.


“I want you to arrest them. I can stay with my aunt, she cares a lot about me but my parents don’t let me see her” answers Jax.


“Oh but I don't know how I should explain that to him but I will try to then” Says Lucia.


“Do you have a phone?”Asks Jax.


“Yeah why?” Answered Lucia.


“Have mine he can keep in touch. I guess you coming late for the first time is a lifesaver” Says Jax, relieved.


“Oh okay then” Says Lucia as she goes to her phone and adds Jax’s number. They both look at each other in the bottom of the number showing their contacts.

“Lucia?” Yells Jax.


“Alexander?” Yells Lucia. Lucia puts her hand on her mouth of how shocked she is finding out Jax is Alexander.


“No, give me your phone” Says Lucia as she grabs Alexander’s phone.She sees that Alexander put her number and in the contacts it shows “Lucia <3” in the keypad. She was completely shocked seeing it.


“You don’t look like yourself. Your hair looks wet and so messy. You look so tired and so out of it. I’m so sorry ” Lucia says but couldn't finish because of how surprised she is.


“Can I see your phone please?”Asks Alexander. Alexander looked at his number he gave her and his contact “ Alexander 💖 “ Alexander was confused and shocked.


Alexander’s Thinking: she didn't seem like the person I saw hours ago– the person I saw in the museum looked like a mad and annoyed person but looking at her at school she was different.


“Do you like me?” Asks Alexander.


“It seems crazy we met each other hours ago and then again it sounds crazy but the second I  saw you  I felt very happy. I couldn't believe I fell in love with a person I just met but… um I do like you,” Lucia said, being extremely nervous. Alexander grabs her hands.


“I like you too but we should get to know each other more” says Alexander and he finishes off by laughing.


“But who are you really, Ari or Lucia? In personality” Asks Alexander.


“Um, a mix of both. I get annoyed or angered really fast mostly in the jobs they send me to do but I always try to be happy.  mostly happy at school  because when I am in school it stops me from thinking about what my life is really like” says Lucia with a smile on her face.


“Oh, okay. I should go before my parents find out I'm hanging out with someone. I'll text you. Do you want me to help you get off the roof?”says and asks Alexander.


“No, I can get off myself so you can go stay safe please” says Lucia seeing Alexander going off the roof to head to the street. Lucia stays on the roof and looks at the moon and the nature of the city view. She takes a photo of it with her phone. Lucia feels a strong sense of relief and happiness.


“Things really changed fast in one day. It’s  hard to believe he actually likes me” Lucia says talking to herself she starts giggling. She gets off the roof and goes to the seat and looks at the bread and runs to Pablo and Esmeralda who are sitting eating dinner.

“What's the hurry?”Asks Esmerala.


“Um, Tio, I  know I lied but just believe me… I know who the thief is. I know their name and everything” confesses Lucia.


“Who?! Where are they at this moment, do you know?” Pablo says as he stands up quickly.


“No, Tio no. He needs help. He isn't happy, only you can help. You said you wanted to stop this group and now you can! Please”Lucia begs in desperation.


“No, they're far too dangerous. That was the way your father died!” Yells Pablo.


“What? Why do you tell me to steal from them?!   If they killed my dad and you didn't do anything you were a police back then! Why did it have to be me!” yells Lucia.



“I didn't want to tell you, but even saying something or if I mention it to my boss they might find out. We only have one member of their family in prison. If we arrest their parents that “control everything” it's going to be something hard!” Yells Pablo. Lucia begins crying, she cleans her tears using her sleeve from her blazer. She looks at Pablo and Pablo looks back at her. She turns around and runs to the door. She almost fell from a trash can that was by the kitchen.


“No Lucia! Come back!” yells Pablo.  Lucia makes it outside and runs to the closest bus stop.


“Go get the car!” yells Esmeralda as she stands up from her table and goes to the door and looks at Pablo running to his car.


“No, there is a bus heading to the bus stop. She might go there!” screams Esmeralda with tears coming from her face. Pablo drives off. Esmeralda gets her phone and calls Lia.


“Hello? What do you need?” Asks Lia over the phone.


“Your sister and Pablo were arguing and she ran off.  If she comes home, tell her to call us. We're worried she just left” Esmeralda says, crying. Lia hangs up. Two hours later Lucia shows up to her house..


“Lucia! Pablo’s wife called me. They are worried about you” Lia says as she grabs Lucia's hand. Lucia looks outside their apartment.


“You can come in now” Lucia says as she looks at Lia being completely confused. Alexander and Lucia walk inside the apartment. Lucia closes the white door.


“Um, this is Alexander… or Jax as you heard in the earbud” Says Lucia, very nervous.


“Why would you bring him here? So many consequences could happen?!” yells Lia. Lucia grabs Alexander’s hand and takes him to her room and locks her door.


“Oh, um… cool room” Alexander says nervously as he keeps thinking about Lucia and Lia’s mini argument. Lucia sits on her bed with her arms crossed.


“Your family killed my dad” Lucia says with tears coming out of her eyes.


“What? They did? I’m so sorry. I didn't know” says Alexander apologetically,  as he goes and sits with Lucia.


“If you want to do something about your family, we must do it alone. My uncle doesn't seem to like the idea of your family,” Lucia says as she starts to wipe her tears.


8 months later…


“The American Museum of Natural History is going to be tomorrow. Time flew fast in this room” Lucia says in her room filled with posted maps and notebooks of plans made by Lucia and Alexander.


“You’re right, so many wonderful memories” says Alexander as he looks at the walls that are completely covered with  pictures with their plans.


“Kids! Hurry up, Victoria is driving you kids today!” Yells Lia.


“We’re going” They both yell as they grab their backpacks.They go outside the apartment and use the elevator to go from floor 3 to 1.


Lucia's Thinking: It's crazy how me and Alexander met 8 months ago. I remember how me and him convinced Lia to go find a job and as I did, she fell in love with Victoria. Victoria even moved in with us. She is like a mother who really cares. Tomorrow, if our plans go right, we will finally have our happiness.


Lucia and Alexander race each other to see who can make it outside first.  They head to the car where Lia and Victoria are waiting.


“I made if fist” Yells Alexander with a big smile.


“I'm wearing boots so it's not fair” Lucia says smiling.


“Kids, get inside!” yells Victoria. Lucia and Alexander see Lia inside the white family car Victoria owns. Lucia and Alexander get inside it.


“Lucia did you forget something?” Asks Victoria.


“No, I don't know what you're talking about…Oh I forgot my lunch!” says Lucia as she hits her forehead.


“I knew you would forget so I bought it for you” Victoria says.Victoria grabs Lucia's lunch and hands it to her.


“Thank you so much!” Lucia smiled very brightly.


“You’re welcome” says Victoria. 13 minutes later, they make it to the school and go through the entrance.


“It's Monday, we have Photography class and then during our free period, can we sit down where we met for the first time again?” Asks Alexander.


“Sure,” says Lucia. Alexander and Lucia go to their photography class for their 56 minute period. After that, they get free time and go to the same peach colored benches they went when they first met.


“Do you remember how I was filled with questions? Most of my friends I had only lasted like 2 days. They never liked me. Your life looked so simple and amazing. The funny part is that we already knew each other!” says Alexander smiling.


“I do remember those amazing moments” Says Lucia as she looks at Alexander smiling.


After School…


“Hey Lucia, I'm over here!” yells Alexander as he waves to Lucia.


“Oh, hey! Are you going to your house today?”Asks Lucia.


“Oh, yeah I am going. I’m going to be suffering with my parents,” says Alexander.


“Victoria is here to spend a day with her while my sister is at work. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?” says Lucia.


“Bye! I will see you later” replies Alexander, as Lucia leaves and gets into the car.


“Hey, how was school today?” Asks Victoria.


“It was good,” Says Lucia, happily.


“I’m glad” says Victoria.


“I have a quick question… how or why did you come to like my sister?” Asks Lucia.


“I liked your sister because she was really brave being able to present her clothing without looking shy” Says Victoria.


“What were her reasons for liking you, did she ever tell you?” Lucia inquires.


“She told me she liked me because I look pretty and because of my long wavy brown hair and my personality, ”Answers Victoria. Victoria and Lucia go shopping together around Manhattan. After hours, they go pick up Lia and they go to their house.


“Lucia, It’s 7:52 you should get ready to sleep” Says Lia.


“Oh okay. Then are you going to be in the living room?” Asks Lucia.


“I am going to be in the living room, now go get ready. Tomorrow is a big day,” says Lia. Lucia gets ready to sleep. Hours later, she says goodnight to her sister and to Victoria.


The Next Day…


“Lucia, wake up go get ready!” Says Victoria as she’s  tapping Lucia's shoulder.


“Oh right, I'm going” Lucia says as she looks at Victoria and Lia.


“Hurry up then!” Says Lia walking away from Lucia's room. Lucia gets ready and heads to school. Lucia spends her time at her school with Alexander and her classmates


After school…


“Alexander I'll see you later” Lucia tells Alexander outside of school.


“Oh right, yeah I'll see you later, bye!” Says Alexander. Lucia sees Victoria’s car and goes close to the car.


“Hey Luci, you’re sitting in the back today,” Says Lia pointing to the back of the car.


“Oh, okay then, at 5pm, right?” Asks Lucia


“Yup don't be late i will be with uncle pablo you're going to be with Victoria” Says Lia


Lucia's Thinking: Lia calling Pablo an uncle is still hard to get used to but I’m glad she finally gets along with Uncle Pablo.


“I still can't believe Lucia and Alexander have been stealing from each other, hating each other and ending up being very good friends,” says Victoria.  Victoria, Lia, and Lucia talk about school until they make it to where Pablo works the police station so that Lia can get ready.


“We’re here. Oh, look! Pablo is coming” Says Victoria as she looks at the window as Pablo comes out of the police station to say hello to them.   


“Oh, Victoria, hello, dear” Pablo says waving.


“Hello,” Victoria says, waving back.


“Lia come on let's get ready” says Pablo.


“Going!”says Lia.


“Oh, Lucia hey I didn't see you” says Pablo as he looks inside the car and waves to Lucia. She waves back to him. Lia and Victoria look at each other. Lia gets closer to Victoria and kisses her on the cheek.


“I'll see you later. I  love you” Lia says to Victoria.


“I love you too. Be safe,” Victoria replies. Lia walks away with Uncle Pablo and they head to the police station.


“Lucia, can you sit up here?” Asks Victoria.


“Oh sure,” answered Lucia. She moves to where Lia was sitting. Lucia and Victoria start chatting and make their way to their house.


“Come on Lucia, you should get ready. It's going to be the last time you put on midnight” says Victoria.


“Midnight? What’s midnight?” Asks Lucia, confused.


“Your costume. We named it Midnight. She is really proud of the whole outfit” Says Victoria.


“Oh, wow!” says Lucia. She and Victoria go to the apartment on the third floor. Victoria helps Lucia get ready. Lucia doesn't use hair extensions for the first time. Victoria drives Lucia to The American Museum of Natural History so she can start her final job.


“Here’s your earbud so we can communicate” Says Victoria giving Lucia her blue earbuds.


“Thank you, ” she replies as she grabs the earbud from Victoria.


“Please stay safe today. It might be something you’ve never seen before” Says Victoria with tears in her eyes.


“I will be fine, don't worry. Lia and Uncle Pablo are going to be there,” Lucia reassures, as she hugs Victoria.


“Bye, I’m going to go in now,” says Lucia.


“Bye, stay safe,” says Victoria as she watches Lucia get out of the car.


“Congratulations, this is your final job if everything goes well,” says Pablo’s friend that’s by the front entrance walking down the staircase to meet Lucia.


“Thanks, I hope it does go well to be honest,” says Lucia walking up the stairs with Pablo’s friend.


“I do too. No go inside and be ready” he says.


“Yeah, I’m going,” she responds as she heads into the museum. Lucia goes inside where the Okavango Blue Diamond is. She spots Alexander opening the glass.


“You shouldn’t grab that. Leave it where it was,” demands Lucia in a very serious voice.


“Why should I?  Something amazing shouldn’t be in the hands of someone worthless,” says Alexander, grabbing the gem and showing it to Lucia.


“Worthless? Funny! The only thing worthless is a boy stealing something when they could have lived their life,” says Lucia.


“Fun chat, but I really have to go,” Alexander says as he pushes Lucia out of the way.  She falls to the ground.


“Come back here!” Yells Lucia. She chases after Alexander and tries to grab the gem.


“Lucia, a car has shown up. I believe it’s Alexander’s parents,” says Victoria through the earbud.


“HEY, COME BACK!” Yells a guard nearby Alexander.


“No! Lucia, tell the guard not to chase Alexander. It can ruin the whole plan!” says Victoria as says it in the chat and she watches the cameras.


“Guard, don’t chase him!” Yells Lucia.


“I can get him faster than you tiny girl” says the guard as he chases Alexander. Alexander makes it outside and every guard in front was away because Pablo’s friend sent them somewhere. Alexander meets everyone in Theodore Roosevelt Park.


“Teams, get ready. The plan will play out in action,” says Pablo through the chat. Alex stayed in the park waiting for his family to come and pick him up. The guard finds Alexander.


“HEY! Boy, give me the gem. It’s not yours to take,” yells the guard.


“Lucia, we have a problem. You must come here quick,” Says Lia through the chat.


“Okay, I'm on my way,” says Lucia through the chat. Lucia goes running to where everyone is located.


“Guard, I can take it from here” says Lucia.


“Not another step,” Says the guard


“What? Didn't Pablo tell you what you need to do? You must report to his station,” says Lucia.


“No, it's my job to protect this. I saw the boy. I can get money from turning him in. I need it more than you. You will waste it on your perfect face,”says the guard.


“Whoever said anything about winning money?” asks Lucia.


“I did,” says a voice in the distance. Alexander's family starts walking closer to them.


“Don't do anything,” says Pablo through the earbud chat.


“Alexander, you did a fantastic job. This gem is so small, yet so amazing,” says Alexander's Mom looking very elegant with a black dress, gloves and a small black purse.


“You're welcome?” says Alexander with his arms crossed.


“What do you think you should do? You have people watching,” says Alexander's dad.


“I don't know,” says Alexander.


“I suggest you could scare him,” suggests Alexander's mom.


“Why would I do that?” replies Alexander defensively.


“Young girl, I have seen your ways of working. You should join me and my son. Or would you rather die like this..foolish guard here?” says Alexander's mom looking at Lucia.


“I'd rather not say,” says Lucia with a serious face. Alexander's mom stops looking at her.


“Alexander my dear child, I have always been proud of you.” says the mom, grabbing a gun from her puse.  She hands it to Alexander.


“Don't shoot him!” cries Victoria in the chat. Alexander puts his gun down and looks at the ground.


“When I was young, I loved you, but growing up I saw things very differently. Stealing made me hate you so much. I wish I never saw you and dad kill that innocent man 9 years ago. That innocent man was my friend's dad,” says Alexander through sobs and tears. “I wish I could have given back to the community instead of taking away from it,” he continued on.


“Why? Helping the community instead of yourself isn't what I taught you to do,” Snapped back his mom. Alexander's mom and dad give up as they see Pablo and Lia watking close to them. Pablo and Lia get handcuffs and grab their hands and put them in a cop car nearby.


“Alexander!” yells Lucia. Alexander hands starts shaking and gives the gem to Lucia.


“Why would they do such a thing?” says Alexander as he’s crying.  He goes to hug Lucia and she accepts his embrace. 


“I don't know, but we should go now, ” says Lucia as she stops hugging Alexander.


“We’re going to Victoria,” Lucia reports through the chat.


“Alright, stay safe,” says Lia through the chat as well.  Lucia gives the gem to a member of Pablo's team and walks with Alexander to Victoria's car.


“Alexander, Lucia! You kids had me so worried. I hope we never do this again,” says Victorica as she cries.


“They’re getting arrested. I have the base where their team is. I even have files of the people for Pablo,” says Alexander as he gets in the car with Lucia.


“Let's go home. You two need some rest,” says Victoria as she starts driving to head to the apartment. Alexander and Lucia fall asleep. Hours later, they make it to the apartment.


“Kids wake up!” Victoria says touching their shoulders to wake them up.


“We’re here already?” asks Alexander groggily.


“Yeah, come on. Rest in bed. I made the bed for you two. I know you guys will end up sleeping. Come on let's go!”  says Victoria. Alexander, Lucia, and Victoria take the elevator to the apartment. Alexander and Lucia both fall asleep wearing their clothing they used at their job. Victoria hangs out while cleaning Lia’s boxes in the room that they now share. 1 hour later, Lia goes to the apartment.


“Kids?” Lia asks, walking to their rooms.


“Oh! Lia, they fell asleep an hour ago,” says Victoria.


“What are you doing?” asks Lia.


“Oh, um, I’m just cleaning your room so I can finish putting my stuff away. Can you help me make the queen bed? I still haven't finished building it,” says Victoria.


“Oh, right. I'm just going to change,” Lia says heading to the closet then to the bathroom 14 minutes later.


“I'm back.  Oh you got the frame finished?”  Lia asks.

“I did. But help me put the mattress on, please. It is big and heavy,” says Victoria, grabbing the right side of the mattress that was laying on the floor. Lia grabs the left side of the mattress and they work together to get it in place.


“May I ask you a question?” asks Victoria.


“Yeah, what is it?” answers Lia, confused.

“Why do you have a nose ring? I mean almost everything you have has a meaning. What does that mean to you?” asks Victoria.


“Oh, my horseshoe looking ring? Lucia and I joked to my dad about how we will look older. I maily said I would have body tattoos and a nose ring Lucia said nose rings and finger tattoos,” says Lia.


“And that's why you got it, that's cool,” says Victoria. Victoria grabs light brown bed sheets.


“Yeah, I think it would have been amazing if my dad was still here honestly,” says Lia.


“What about your mom? She is alive, right?” says Victoria.


“Oh, um, yeah… about her… she abandoned me and Luci the year that my dad died,” says Lia. Victoria and Lia finish the bed sheets.


“Let’s go to bed, we finished making it,” says Victoria.


“Yeah, right. Let's go!” says Lia. Victoria and Lia go and sleep in the same bed.


Next Few Days…


“Alex..Alexander! Wake up,” says Lia, waking Alexander up.


“What is it?” says Alexander, trying to open his eyes.


“Your parents… we need to go to the court so that their investigation is finished,” says Lia.


“Okay I'm going,” says Alexander getting up from his bed. Alexander puts his bomber jacket and goes with Lia, Lucia, and Victoria to the court where Alexander's parents go to jail.  Hours later, Alexander goes to their jail cell and looks at them.


“Get us out of here,” says Alexander's Dad.


“You do well there,” says Alexander. Alexander looks at Lucia.


“Oh, little girl, I finally know who you are,” says Alexander's dad.


“Who is she? '' asks Alexander's mom. Alexander's dad grabs the bar and tries to get closer to Lucia.


“You don't have a father, young one. You’re the little girl that cried as you saw your dad die,” says Alexander's Dad.


“I hate you for that, what did he ever do to you?” yells Lucia.


“He left, he worked with us, he betrayed us for you. He died because of you. Pablo, being a police officer, was also a problem.” says Alexander's dad.


“You’re lying! He wouldn't do such a thing,” yells Lucia. Lucia starts crying. Alexander gets worried for her.


“Let’s go. It's not worth it wasting our time with them,” says Alexander, pushing Lucia away from the jail cell.


“Aunt, Uncle? I haven't seen you guys in years,” says Alexander. Alexander begins crying of happiness seeing his Aunt and Uncle. Lucia wipes her tears and starts feeling happy seeing that Alexander is hugging his Aunt and Uncle and has a bright smile on him.


“Oh, who is this?” asks Alexander’s Aunt looking at Lucia in the back of him.


“My friend actually” says Alexander looking at Lucia.


“Oh, nice to meet you!” says Alexander's Uncle. Alexander’s Uncle and Aunt shake hands with Lucia.


Weeks Later…


“Oh Alexander, you’re back!” says Lucia, seeing Alexander go inside the apartment.


“Yeah, My Uncle let me come here for a week again” says Alexander.


“I’m glad you’re happy now. Very crazy it was,” Lucia says thinking about what Alexander and Lucia faced.


“Yeah, living with my uncle and my aunt is better than my parents,” Says Alexander as he smiles. Lucia grabs Alexander’s hand and gets close to him and kisses him.


“I love you,” says Lucia smiling.


“I love you too,” Alexander says with a big smile.


“That was the story of me and your father when we were younger,” 36 year old Lucia says to her two twin children.


“Really did that really happen?!” asks the 10 year old children.


“Not really. Your mother just added her own taste to what actually happened when we were younger. She is too addicted to crime movies and changed what actually happened.” Alexander says sitting on the floor with Lucia and his children.


“So, what actually happened?” says one of the twins.


“That's something I will tell you later on”  says Alexander with a big smile.