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Oil and Water by H.C.


July 04, 2013

 10:23 PM


“Regresamos en un poquito mi amor, okay?” my mother said to my 7 year old self. “Si amor, te vemos en unas horas, okay?.” My father told me with a sincere look on his face. “Come on honey,  let 's go.” he said to my mom. Mamá grabs my cheeks, kisses my forehead, and starts to head for the door with my father. My mind tells me to beg them to stay and not go, but the words didn't escape my mouth. Oh how I wish I could have spoken up, begged them to stay, to walk back to bed while speaking on the meal for tomorrow.


September 03, 2021

11:43 AM


Summer Vacation. The worst yet best part of the year. No teachers yelling at you, no stress, no assignments, no bratty Maeve and her stupid boyfriend Leo. But one little detail to ruin it all. My uncle. The man whose words can change a person's mood in a split second. Always giving you the look of disappointment that no person ever wants to face - Which would lead to feeling disappointed in yourself, which would cause you to overthink about how you act. Always blaming you for things you didn't even do, such as the bills, the house not being clean, his fights when he goes to bars, just to name a few. But all of this was coming to an end. Summer was ending in 3 days and Fall was about to begin, meaning back to stress, back to being bullied, back to being yelled at for not paying attention. Although this also means that I can finally escape my so-called uncle for a few months, and I can finally see my friends again. Just three more days until we get back  to the old routine. 


 I walked downstairs from my second floor room. To no surprise, My uncle was lazily sleeping on the couch this morning after coming back from the bar at 4:52AM last night. He smelt like vodka, as usual, his clothes were messed up, he had a bruise on his face, which meant that he was going to blame me for a fight that he had. Do not fear though, I’ve learned how to avoid the situation from occurring by bringing him a beer, putting a soccer match on the TV, and bringing him breakfast. So that's exactly what I did. I went to the kitchen and started up breakfast. Even though we are Hispanic, we eat like white people. I made an omelet with some bacon on the side, burnt myself once, and brought the breakfast to the table. I woke him up gently, worried he’d wake up and attempt to fight me again. However, he didn't react  this time. Instead, he just looked at me like he’d seen a ghost. I knew that he’d snap out of it in a minute so I just went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. As I was headed to the bathroom, I heard the growl my uncle was lashing at me.


“HEY, YOU! GET YOUR A** BACK HERE YOUNG LADY!!” He snapped at me suddenly. I stopped in my tracks and began to fiddle with my fingers. I spun on my heel facing him with my fingers still meddling with each other. I walked slowly towards him, slightly turning my head away to avoid his glaring look at me. As I approached, I could feel my heart rate start to increase, believing that he was going to hit me or yell because of his fight at the bar last night. But he just told me to go bring him more bacon since what I gave him wasn't enough. Today’s gonna be a long day.


01:32 PM

I was listening to my music playlist that contained all of my favorite artists. I had my eyes closed and I was just trying to listen to the melody of the music when I heard a buzzing on my phone.




Elysia: NO, WHY?


Elysia: WHATTT??


What?! Tomorrow, I have to go back to school. I told her I had to go wash dishes and I’d text her later. I closed the messages. I placed my airpods back in my ears and started playing my soft pop playlist once again in an attempt to ignore the information I've just been told. But then, to disrupt the short lived peace I had formed in my own mind


“Elysia! Get dressed, we're going out. You have 10 minutes!” I heard my uncle yell from the living room.


“DID YOU HEAR ME YOU BRAT?!” He bellowed from downstairs.


“I heard you for the first time!!” I screamed to make sure he heard me.



“Now, to look through this forest of a closet.” I mumbled to myself. As I was searching through my jungle of a closet, I found a nice black long sleeve button up shirt, some forest green jeans, and a pair of forest green vans to match with it. I’ve got no clue where I was headed with my uncle, but I was not ready to find out. I walked downstairs after getting dressed to head out, when I saw my uncle standing at the doorway. Waiting for him to negatively comment on my outfit;  I stood there just looking at him in confusion. He just looked away, put on his shoes, and walked out the door. Odd behavior, but what can I say? I continued to walk down the stairs, grabbed my small hand bag, pocketed my phone, my airpods, some chapstick, and then headed out the door after him. I felt the fresh breeze of the crisp, cool air on my face. The orange, brown, and yellow leaves falling off the trees caught my eye. I saw my uncle heating up the car to head to wherever the hell we were heading. I re-checked my bag and made sure that I had all my belongings that I needed, and headed towards the car.  When I entered the car, I grabbed my handbag, put it on my lap,  opened it and grabbed my phone and airpods. I put on some music while he drove us to wherever we were headed.  I shut my eyes and listened to the rhythm of the music. The song I was listening to had just the melody to ease my mind, but then, the car stopped.


I re-opened my eyes and saw my best friends, Willow and Marcos, standing in the middle of the mall parking lot.I looked at my uncle in confusion and asked him what was going on. “Your friend Willow called in the morning to ask if you could meet them at the mall for a hang out,” he said without looking at me. “Since you’ve barely left the house this summer and tomorrow you are headed to school, I decided to let you come. But don't expect this to happen often, it's a once per year thing,” he said to me sternly. I looked at him with gratitude, but he didn’t look back, as expected.The barrier between us remained despite his attempt at a so-called kind gesture. I hopped out of the car and excitedly ran to see my friends. I ran straight to Marcos first and gave him a huge hug, to the point where I believe I was nearly choking him.


“Elysia.. Can't.. Breathe” he said jokingly in a raspy voice. I let go of him and just rolled my eyes.


“Uhm. Hello!? The person that made this meetup possible is still waiting on their hug,” Willow said with a sarcastic tone. I smiled and hugged her as well, making sure not to choke her as I supposedly did with Marcos. We walked together to leave the parking lot of the mall talking about what happened during the summer break.



2:43 PM

We finished looking at the shoe selection for back-to-school shopping because it crossed my mind to buy some. I found a pair of black Converse to match with the horrible school uniform we were obligated to wear. They seriously went with the navy blue plaid skirt, a white button up, and a tie. I would have preferred to wear a trash bag instead of what they were making us put up with. Seriously, couldn’t they have let us wear leggings or jeans instead of a damn skirt. They weren’t really my go to piece of clothing if I’m being honest. Willow however, was joyfully looking at a pair of plain blue Converse shoes. Marcos was just staring at us wondering why  we were aiming for Jordans and Converse when he thought that Adidas was the better choice.


“Seriously guys, Adidas is better than the ones y'all are picking out.” Marcos yelled from across the store.


I yelled back, “Yeah but we actually know what fashion is, you just go with Adidas as a safe option.”


 “How dare you, you’re breaking my heart Lys,” he said with a fake pout. Willow and I just began to laugh which caused people to stare. Oh, I love my friends.


3: 19 PM


We had just finished buying pretzels from the pretzel shop. I got a normal pretzel, the same as Marcos, and Willow got the cinnamon covered pretzel bites.


“Dude you really should have just gotten a regular pretzel cause that's just gross.” I said while fake gagging. Willow slapped my head lightly and I gasped as if I was in shock. Marcos just started to walk off without us eating his pretzel while we had to speed walk to catch up to him. Side note, this man is 5’10, meaning he’s got long legs, which means that he’s a fast walker. We walked to catch up to him when he suddenly stopped.


“What?” I asked, looking at him confused. When we looked past him, we could see a familiar face. Leo Russo Dubois and his twin sister, Amara Florence Dubois. To fill you in, Leo is a bratty, self absorbed, classic teenage girl's dream. To be honest I don't get the drama about him; he's just tall, has blue eyes, speaks French, is considered popular, and yeah – I totally see why people would fall for him. But not me! No way in hell would Leo ever be a person I’d be interested in.  His sister, on the other hand, is as sweet as honey. She helps the students that Maeve and her brother bully, assists the teachers in whatever she can,  and has caught the eye of a dear friend of mine for a while now. When Willow saw them, her face was pretty much red. I attempted to pull Willow and Marcos away from the area before they started conversation. I was too late.


“ Hey Marcos, Elysia, Willow, how are you guys?” Amara said in a genuine tone.


 “Hey Amara, Leo, nice to see you guys as well.” Marcos said kindly. Leo just stared at us sternly as if we stepped on some Gucci shoes of his or something. I waved hello to Amara and attempted to move Willow out of the way, but this girl wouldn't move. I told Marcos that I was headed to the restroom and that I’d be right back. In reality, I was really just trying to get out of that awkward situation. I heard someone call out my last name, and of course, it had to beLeo.


“Adler, trying to avoid this situation are you?” He said with a pathetic little look on his face.


“No? I just have to go to the restroom, that's all. Also, why is it your business?”


“It just seemed coincidental that you needed to go to the restroom when we were around,” he said with a stupid grin on his face. I snarled and just continued walking.


“Sorry for my brother's behavior, I think we should get going, it was nice chatting with you all. See you tomorrow at school.” Amara and Leo walked away in the other direction. Marcos and Willow ran up to me and stopped me in my tracks.


“Are you seriously trying to avoid the situation?” Marcos asked.


“Well, kinda I guess, you know how I feel about Leo. He’s a bratty little bastar-'' I got cut off by Willow.


“Dude, that doesn't mean that you get to avoid the conversation that we were having.” Ugh, they were right. I was being immature about this situation. “It won't happen again, I swear.” I reassured them, attempting to look as natural as possible. Yeah, in reality, that was probably not gonna be a statement that I was gonna stand by.


6:42 PM


We finished shopping around 5:30-6:00. When we were done, I called an Uber for myself since my uncle wasn’t picking up the phone. While we were waiting for my Uber to arrive, we started talking about who we thought our roommate was going to be this year since the school we attended was a boarding school..


“I think I might get that one girl named Alisha Roam, the one with the green dyed hair,” Willow said.


“Ew not her, she legit smells like eggs and rotten avocado all the time,” I said with a disgusted look on my face. Marcos spit his drink out and started to laugh.


“DUDE YOU'RE GONNA CHOKE ON YOUR OWN SPIT!” I yelled at him which just caused him to laugh more. He really was ridiculous. The joke wasn't even that funny. Thank God my Uber got there at that moment. I looked at Marcos and just shrugged my shoulders. I hugged Willow goodbye and just stared at Marcos for a second. Then I turned around and headed to the Uber. I waved goodbye to Marcos who was now crying laughing which caused me to giggle for a moment too. Willow then grabbed him and they both waved bye at me in return. The car started and I opened the window to see what they were saying.


“TEXT ME WHEN YOU GET HOME!” Willow yelled from the other side of the lot.


“OKAY I WILL!” I yelled back from the car window. I waved goodbye again and headed back home.


10:36 PM

I’ve been non-stop texting Willow and Marcos for the past 3 hours. At the moment, Willow was asking about what classes we got for the year.


Willow: Y'all, which classes y’all got this year?

Elysia: Uhm I got Mrs. Sceer, Mr. Gruwell, Mr.Bozzelli, Mrs. Winword, Mr. Curran, Mrs.Madden, and Mrs. Amos.

Marcos: Same as Elysia but switch but Mr. Gruwell with Mrs. Jennings and Mrs.Madden with Mr. Lawson


Elysia: IDKKK

Marcos: That's cause you’re unlucky as hell


Marcos: Yeah I'm out, cya

Elysia: BYEE

Willow: CYA


I shut off my phone, put it to charge on my bed stand, charged my airpods, and turned off the lights in my room. My uncle wasn't home, probably at the bar again, so I had the house to myself to sleep peacefully. I thought to myself how tomorrow I had school. I would be back in a big building full of students that don't care about who I am or what I have to offer as a mindset. Not even to mention that I had  to go back with Maeve and Leo. They constantly try to get on mine and my friends’ nerves. They succeed most of the time, but I tend to get mostly annoyed by Leo. He thinks that he can treat any girl in the school as he pleases, thinking that just because of his looks, any girl would let him treat them as a servant. This year though, I’m not going to let him harass me any longer. Tomorrow, I’d show himwho he's been messing with all of these years, and that he can’t annoy me any longer without some karma in return.


September 04, 2021

6:40 AM


I woke up to the sound of my alarm blasting in my ears. Definitely how I wanted to start my morning. I remember that today was the first day of Junior year. I sat up from my bed, rubbed my eyes to attempt to wake up fully, which failed miserably. I was up all night tossing and turning as I worried and anticipated the first day back.I had my feet dangling from the bed for a moment.  I got up and looked at my luggage. Thank God I wasn't lazy and got it packed a few days ago. I headed to my closet to see the uniform we had to wear since it is a boarding school. I decided to glam it up with some jewelry I received as a birthday gift last year. Then I went to my vanity, grabbed some eyeliner and did a thick flick look. I then grabbed all of my essentials and my jacket. I put the rest of my stuff on my bedside table and started to put my jacket on. I found a piece of paper and decided to write a little letter for when my uncle wakes up.


Hey Tio, I already left to get the bus to head to my school, I’ll see you in December when I return for Christmas. If anything comes up at that time, notify me and I’ll stay over at a friend's house or something.  If I have a change in plans, I’ll text you. Either way, see you soon. - Elysia


         I grabbed the paper, walked out of my room and set it down on the coffee table next to the couch, where he was sleeping, again. I went back into my room quietly, got my stuff, and headed out the door. I looked back at my uncle knowing I wasn't returning for Christmas, but for half of the summer only. I made a plan with my aunt to stay with her for most of the year and  half of the summer to avoid my uncle. Now, I can finally begin my junior year of highschool.


7:08 AM


I walked out of the apartment and walked to the bus stop. “Jesus Christ, why is this bus stop so far away?” I say to myself while panting. I finally got there after 28 minutes of walking. I waited on one of the benches covered in ads for makeup products and other stuff. I waited for 8 minutes before the bus got to my stop. I got on the bus, lugging my suitcase with me. I went to the middle area of the bus, sat down, and got my headphones to listen to music while waiting. There were some random kids on the bus that were in like 7th or8th grade. They looked young to be on the bus alone. I also saw a group of boys in the front of the bus. Probably a year younger than me. Maybe two? I don't really know, all I know is that they looked very immature. Finally, the bus stopped where I needed to get off.I got my belongings and headed towards the front of the bus. The boys looked at me in an odd way. I think they were checking me out. Yup, they definitely were.


“Kids, didn't your parents teach y'all not to stare at a woman like that?” I snapped at them while staring at them in disgust. They just stopped talking, maybe they even stopped breathing cause there were literal crickets in the bus. I grabbed my stuff and headed off the bus. Men really need to learn manners.


7: 33 AM


“The school looks just like how it looked when I was here last. Wait, that’s to be expected, it's been only two months, dumbass” I said to myself quietly. I continued walking forward towards the main entrance and saw a huge line of teenagers and heaps of luggage. I walked towards the line and took out my headphones to listen to a podcast while waiting. I began to listen to the True Crime Stories podcast when someone tapped my shoulder. It was some kid with glasses who helped me with Geometry homework the previous school year. I think his name was Austin? I’m not quite sure.


“Hey, you’re Austin, correct?” I said while looking at him.


“Yeah I’m Austin, I just wanted to tell you that your luggage is open.” He said while rubbing his neck.


“Oh my God, thank you for telling me.” I said with a relieved tone. I bent down to close up my luggage when a familiar scent of perfume filled my nose. I looked up to see Willow staring at me. I got up from my knees and hugged her in excitement


“Why didn't you call me? I would have picked you up and taken you with me to head over here.” She said looking at me confused.


“I just decided to head over here early so that my uncle doesn't know when I left. I also didn't want to wake you up at 6 just for you to pick me up.” I said with a shrug.


“Next time text me and I'll pick you up, You could have been kidnapped for all we know.” She said with a stern look on her face.


“Why is anybody gonna kidnap me, dude?” I said while rolling my eyes. There was a long pause between us when a burst of laughter just arose through.


“You’re right, who would want to kidnap a girl that looks like E.T.?” She said while laughing between words.


“Not you talking when you look like a bloody grandma that has had a bad hair day.” I said back laughing as well. We just began to laugh and changed the subject to what this year was going to be like.


7:58 AM


The doors were opening which began to worry me. I was actually returning to this school. We got to the door and headed inside. This school looked like a tsunami of students. There was no open area to even be able to breathe, everyone was cramped up trying to head to their dorm rooms. The freshmen were frantically trying to find their destinations amidst the chaos, while the seniors were frantically trying to find their destinations amidst the chaos, while the seniors were taking up half the hallways to gather up and have a group meetings about how to mess with the freshmen. Yeah it was pure chaos. I stuck close to Willow as we headed toward the dorm rooms area of the school. After pushing our way through the crowd of students, We reached our destination. After catching our breaths, the two of us  looked to see which dorms were nearby as we headed to the office that's located right outside of the dorms.


“Hello, How can I assist you?” The lady at the window said kindly.


“Hello ma’am, we’re just  trying to figure out which dorms we were labeled to this year and we were wondering if you could help us.” I told her while holding my luggage close to me with Willow right behind me.


“Of course, I am going to need your names.” She said opening the tab needed for inserting our names into the computer.


“Yes, My name is Elysia Aurelia Adler Cruz and my friend behind me is Willow Vette.” I said with my hands in my hoodie pockets.


“Ah. yes, I see, Elysia will be in dorm room 23, section G and your dorm mate will be Margot Brown. Willow, you will be in room 19, section F and your dorm mate will be Cara Shallows. Here you go darling, the key to room 19 and room 23.” She said, handing me the keys to both of our new rooms.


“Okay thank you so much!” I told her while putting the key in my pocket. She nodded at us and returned to typing on her computer, her nails making a sound every time she pressed a new key. Willow and I grabbed our belongings and headed toward the dorms and walked till the F section of the dorm rooms.


“You know, at least our roommate isn't Alisha Roam.” Willow said in a joking manner while we were headed towards her room


“To be honest, yeah, it could have been her, or even worse, Maeve.” I said laughing across the hallway.


“ I believe I heard my name from someone's mouth, am I correct?” We heard a voice say, a familiar voice at that. A voice that has been pestering me since I entered the 5th grade. Maeve Arwen. A daddy’s girl that receives anything she wants the second she asks for it–, The “princes” of the school, The girlfriend of Leo, just for you to get a hint of her vibe


“Hey Maeve, nobody mentioned you so I think you were hearing things.” I told her with a fake smile put on my face.


“You really think I’m going to believe that?” Maeve told us with an odd expression on her face.


“Well, believe it or not, it's true, so if you don't mind us, we will be taking our leave.” I told her to grab our stuff again and to  walk off. I could hear her scoff while we were walking off which put a smile on my face.


We headed across the hallway and took a left to enter the F sections of the dorms. We continued seeing numbers until we got to number 19. Willow grabbed the keys from my pocket and opened the door slightly. She quickly checked to see if Cara, her dorm mate, had arrived. Thankfully she hadn’t.


“Phew, the coast is clear.” Willow said with a sigh of relief. We walked in, grabbing the suitcases that she had brought, while leaving mine outside in the meantime. This girl literally only packed two suitcases, AND THEY WERE NOT BIG ONES! She grabbed only the necessary things according to her, which was barely any clothing, a toothbrush, a blanket that she can legit get from the school, her art supplies, and that's basically it. I was the entire opposite. I packed most of my clothing, the diary I am writing this from, my doodle book, makeup, and some other necessities that I don't feel like mentioning. I dragged her second suitcase into her room and waved goodbye as I walked out the door to leave her to her unpacking. I stepped out of the dorm, grabbed my suitcases, and headed to the G section.


I found my dorm room, opened the door as quietly as I could, and walked inside. I turned on the lights and saw how clean this dorm looked, unlike my uncle's house. There were two beds here, a closet made of wood, which looked amazing by the way, and new bed sheets. The room also smelled of cinnamon candles and the walls were painted an amazing sage green. After I finished admiring the room I was placed in, I walked towards the one assigned to me and layed on it for a moment, just taking in the fact that I was away from my horrible uncle for a while. I sat up and walked to the door where my suitcases were still near. I unzipped the first one labeled clothes and started to dig through the pile of clothing in the suitcase. This went on for the next two hours. My roommate came in a while after and we started to talk while we unpacked.


10:06 AM


When I finished sorting all of my belongings into where it should be placed, I texted the groupchat to see if they wanted to meet at the nearest Starbucks for some breakfast. Even though this school gave the students breakfast, I’d prefer food from outside than here. They said yes, obviously. I haven't seen Marcos all day so I was excited for that. I grabbed my phone and wallet and headed towards the cafeteria. I waited for a bit when I saw Marcos from the other side of the hallway and waved at him to get over to where I was at faster. He jogged to get to where I was while I waited like a doofus.


“HEY LYS!” Marcos screamed while jogging over to me.


“HI MARC!!” I yelled back to him waving at him up high. When he finally got here, I looked at him up and down with an odd expression.


“What the hell are you wearing? Did your brain regress a few years to the age of 5?” I told him while looking at him in confusion.


“Don't act like we didn't dress up in Elmo pajamas like 3 years ago,” he said with a scoff while rolling his eyes.”


“Exactly, Three years ago. Y’know what, nevermind.” I said while walking away.


“DUDE WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR WILLOW,” he yelled even though we were less than 5 feet away from each other.


“True” I said, shrugging my shoulders and walking back to the spot I was in before. We waited a few minutes more when we saw Willow eating a bag of Doritos in the distance.


“Did she pack chips in her damn suitcase?!” I asked Marcos in surprise.


“I believe so, Lys.” He said in return.


“HEY Y’ALL!!” Willow said, running over to us.


“Hey Wills” I told her while rushing to hug her, Marcos not far behind. We started walking outside of the school and headed towards the nearest Starbucks. When we got there, we waited in line while sharing our unpacking experiences and first impressions of our roommates.When It was our turn to order, I walked up first and ordered a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino with a warmed up butter croissant on the side. I paid the amount, $7.20 to be specific and headed to the waiting area for my drinks and croissant. I then watched Willow order a Pink Drink with a Sausage Cheddar Cheese Sandwich. Marcos ordered a Kiwi Starfruit Refresher and a Roasted Ham, Swiss & Egg Sandwich. We all started waiting in the waiting area when Maeve and Leo walked in. They just had to come to the same Starbucks as us, at the same time, AND ON THE SAME DAY! Yeah, I have issues with them as you can tell. Thankfully, our orders were called and we could get out of there. We left to go eat on the way to the school when Maeve and Leo caught up to us.


“God, you seriously eat this food, and I thought you couldn’t get any lower.”  Maeve said while laughing with Leo not far behind.


“Oh piss off Maeve, let us have one time without any judgment,” Willow snapped back while grabbing my hand and walking away at a quicker pace before I had the chance to say something. Marcos was not far behind. Maeve obviously got bored seeing that we didn’t give her a reaction and went on her way, grabbing Leo’s hand while doing so.



6: 25 PM


I don't feel as if anything different happened for the rest of that day. We just basically went to an assembly welcoming all the new students and greeting the ones who’ve been here for a while. It wasn’t all that interesting; the only fun part was watching Maeve's outfit get ruined by a freshman who accidentally spilt her lunch on Maeve. Yeah, Maeve ran out screaming with Leo laughing at her instead of comforting her. As a boyfriend that is totally wrong, but who am I kidding? This is Leo Russo Dubois we’re talking about. Either way, It wasn't as interesting of a day that I was hoping it would be, but I’ll update you every week to tell how it's been.


September 5th


I woke up to my roommate screaming in my ear that we were going to be late for our classes. I got up in a rush, grabbed my uniform and rushed to the bathroom to get dressed. I slipped on my outfit as quickly as I could and grabbed a brush to fix my hair. I wasn't really worried about my hair but it was tangled so I really needed to brush it.  After I finished, I brushed my teeth and grabbed my shoes. I snatched my school bag from a chair I had placed it on, took my phone and rushed out of the dorm. I walked as fast as I could to get to my class when I saw Marcos listening to music while leaning on a locker. I tapped his shoulder and he took off his headphones.


“Dude, you can listen to music later, we got to head to class.” I told him and continued to walk. Not even 10 seconds later, I heard him walking next to me with books in his hands.  We entered the classroom in relief and realized that we weren’t going to be late. It was literally 7:46 in the morning. CLASS STARTS AT 8! Marcos was certainly pissed at me for interrupting his music listening and morning flow.


September 9h


While we were at lunch, at literally 10:54 in the morning, Maeve tried to throw a spoonful of applesauce at me and accidentally hit Leo’s sister who was walking nearby. Leo saw this and went all off on Maeve. Everyone was staring at Amara and the argument that Leo and Maeve were having while we were just trying to eat lunch. There were so many phones pointed at Leo and Maeve that we decided to eat on the staircase. It was way more peaceful this way from everyone staring as the most popular couple in school fought. Other than that, nothing rather interesting occurred.


September 13th


I was in class copying down what was on the board  with Marcos on the other side of the room when out of nowhere I felt something spill on my head. I gasped as I looked down at my uniform while Marcos got up from his seat and headed to where I was at. The whole class just stared at me and whoever poured whatever they poured on my head. The teacher was yelling like crazy at this person while they just chuckled. I obviously recognized that laugh and knew that it was Leo. I looked at him in disgust for barging into my class for no literal reason.


“What is wrong with you?!” I yelled at him in an angry tone.


“Oh, nothing, just payback for hitting my girlfriend.” He told me looking at me straight in the eyes while grinning.


“What do you mean?! Are you mental?” I told him in utter confusion of what he meant.


“You know what I’m talking about Adler. You hit my girlfriend last period.” What was he talking about? I was in the library with Marcos reading that whole period. Marcos then stepped in, grabbed my arm and my bookbag before I said anything else, and we left the classroom. We walked out of there with all eyes on me and how soaked in a liquid I was.I gasped as I felt the cold rushes of something hit the top of my head and down my neck. There were so many looks of disgust and whispers being tossed around that I swear I was going to have an anxiety attack. We found a hallway that nobody was in and Marcos sat me down while opening his bag and pulling out a gym shirt he had.


“Here, to clean up a bit.” He looked at me smiling slightly.


“Thanks Marcos but I believe I’m just going to head to my dorm for the rest of the day.” I told him while handing him the shirt back.


“You sure Lys? I can walk you back to your dorm if you want, besides I don't want to go back to class.” He told me while grabbing the shirt and putting it back in his bag.


“Okay, whatever.” I said while grabbing my bag and walking with him by my side. We walked to the dorm section when Maeve walked around the corner and spotted us.


“Yikes, did you get dunked into the school's milk container Elysia, you look kinda soaked.” She said while covering her mouth trying not to laugh.


“Oh put a sock in it Maeve.” Marcos said while grabbing my arm and pushing through Maeve which caused her to have a look of shock on her face. She began screaming at us to come back but we just ignored it.  Marcos did in fact walk me back to my dorm and made sure I was okay. As I shut the door, I walked towards the closet and grabbed a fresh pair of clothes. I put the dirty ones in the laundry basket and walked towards the shower. I took a nice long shower trying to wonder who would have told Leo that I hit Maeve. But to be honest, I could only think of one person. Maeve herself. She would probably want payback for what happened that day at lunch, by trying to humiliate me, when in fact she was the one being humiliated by fighting with her boyfriend in front of everyone. Nevertheless, how that was my fault– I had no clue. After showering, I just hopped onto my bed and listened to music for the majority of the day.  Music always soothes my mind a bit.


September 14th


I marched right up to Leo and his friends during lunch. However, my eyes were only on his orange hair and when I got close, I slapped the back of his head. He turned around looking at me with the death stare.


“What is your problem, Adler?” He said in a stern tone.


“My problem is that you’re blaming me for an act that I didn't bloody do, Dubois.” I told him, staring at him with the same stare he was giving back.


“Maeve told me you hit her during the 6th period of the day, so as a good boyfriend I did what I had to do. Are you calling my girlfriend a liar, Adler? Cause that would be the biggest mistake you would ever make in your life.” He told me while getting up from his seat, which gave him the advantage of staring down at me. To be honest, I never noticed how blue his eyes were, like a sapphire was pieced into his eyes. Woah, Did I just compliment his eyes? God, school really is off to a bad start this year.


“I was in the library with my friends that time you douche. I saw one of your buddies there that can be an alibi for me. I told him while looking at a boy named Jaylen Micheals, I believe. Leo looked at Jaylen for a response and Jaylen just nodded in agreement, showing that I didn't do anything to Maeve. He stared at me with an expression that I had never seen from him before. He then opened his mouth and said the words I’d never thought I’d hear.


“Okay, well I'm sorry.” He said and walked away. I stared blankly at the floor for a moment trying to process what just occurred. Did Leo just,  apologize? I’m dreaming right? RIGHT?


September 19th


I haven't heard or seen Leo and Maeve ever since the incident with the milk spilling on my head. After that, neither of my friends or I have seen them. Either way, we weren't bothered by the fact that they weren't around. While walking to my next class with books in my hands, I felt someone grab my wrist and drag me to the wall which caused my books to fall out of my hands.  I looked up and saw Maeve standing in front of me looking furious.


“YOU'VE RUINED EVERYTHING ELYSIA!” She yelled at me while still pushing me against the wall


“ I haven’t done anything Maeve, I've only said what is true.” I told her while trying to break out of her grip.


“Leo won't even speak with me because of what you told him. You’ve ruined my life. I hate you!” She said while letting go of me and leaving. I took a breath as I watched her stomp away, wondering why she came up on me like that. I regrouped my thoughts, grabbed my books from the floor and headed to my class. God, she has some serious issues she needs to sort out.


September 23rd


Me and Marcos were in 4th period when the loud speaker announced that there was a fire drill occurring. We got up from our seats and headed towards the door of the classroom. Marcos was in front of me while I was behind. We walked outside and headed towards the staircase when I saw Leo speaking with his friends. His friends for some reason kept looking back at me which was the oddest thing ever. They never look at me. I looked away and headed downstairs. When we got outside I had to tell Marcos what I saw.


“Pst, Marcos.” I whispered to him. He leaned back trying to make it seem like we weren’t speaking.


“What Lys?” He whispered back to me.


“Leo’s friends kept looking at me and back at Leo for some reason. I feel like they’re planning something.” I muttered. He looked at me in confusion.


Are you sure that they were looking at you?” He mumbled. I obviously had no clue if it was actually me but I was 97% sure they were.


“I'm pretty sure they were, Marc.” I told him when they signaled us to walk up back to the building. He told me to just ignore them so I did. But it was always in the back of my mind.


September 27th


Word spread that Leo and Maeve broke up after being together for 3 years. Maeve had been looking sad and down lately, while Leo had been hanging with whichever girl he got the chance with. My friends and I were just eating breakfast when Leo barged in and stared at me without me knowing. My friends looked up at him then at me and Willow coughed in awkwardness. I raised an eyebrow at them and turned around. The sight made me jump in my seat.


“Jeez Dubois, have you never learnt that you don't sneak up on people?” I told him with a look of annoyance on my face.




“Uhm, may I ask why?” I said as calmly as I could.


“Just come with me.” He said while grabbing my hand and pulled me away from my table. I yelled at him to let me go but he wouldn’t release me from his grasp at all. I looked at my friends for help but they were just staring at me in shock. Marcos then got the memo and got up from his seat, grabbing Willow and chasing after me. However, Leo turned a corner, then another, and then a few more and I lost sight of Marcos and Willow.He finally let go of me when we weren’t around anyone.


“I’ve got a question for you Elysia.” He said avoiding eye contact.


“You could've just asked me to come with you kindly and explained that you needed to speak quietly instead of dragging me out of the cafeteria?!” I told him in an annoyed tone.


“Just be quiet for one quick moment Elysia.” He said looking me straight in the eyes. It was quite intimidating to think about but I didn't let my guard down.


“Okay, what do you want to tell me then?”  I asked him with my arms crossed.


“ I want you to go on a date with me.”


To be continued…