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I'm The Monster? by Angelynett C.

 I’m The Monster? by Angelynett C.



          I was so happy I went to France because the college I wanted to go to was there. When I walked around campus I saw a really tall person that was in my class. They were really nice to me and everyone in the class. They were not perfect because they have a little bit of OCD, like they have a fear of contamination or dirt. They constantly doubt things and have difficulty tolerating uncertainty. I think those are the only two incidents I saw in class but they might have more of it at home. I developed a deep fascination with this tall, red-haired being.  The thoughts of sinking my teeth into this beautiful creature flooded my thoughts.


         When I finally had the courage, I asked Liam, the red-haired beauty, to hang out and do some homework together at their house. Luckily, they accepted the request. When I entered their house, I saw that the house was very clean, but I know why – because of his fear of contamination and dirt. When we entered their room they told me to wash my hands and to get some slippers to walk  around in. When I entered their room I saw a lot of things that were really organized and well cleaned.


            We were both doing homework and we both were doing really well when they left to go to the bathroom. As Liam was briefly away, I was getting the sleeping pills into their water for me to carry out  my plan that I had been fantasizing about for  my whole life.  A few minutes later,the pills kicked in  and it would only last for a little bit of time. I put Liam  down on their bed in order for me to do my third step. After that, I went and lifted the sleeve of Liam’s tee-shirt.  I went to take a bite out of the meaty bicep.  I know from science class that there is a lot of blood in meaty body parts and I ironically have a phobia of blood, so I hesitated a bit. But little did I know that the sleeping pills were wearing off and  they woke up in the middle of my examination.  The moment they saw what was going on, they yelled out a terrifying scream, and something immediately  made me feel like I was not okay. “What are you doing?!”  Liam  yelled. “I saw you put something in my drink when I was opening the door!”  I  looked at them with shock. When they were looking for their belongings, I froze, but my body was telling me to get out. I didn't have a clue on my body whatsoever. I was terrified of what was going to happen if I didn't get out immediately.  I frantically ran out of Liam’s house.


I  ran to my house while  the cops were chasing me to get questions. He called them right away.  I didn't want to speak with them  at this time. I was a very convincing person and people fell for my lies all the time. But before I could think of anything they caught me. Next thing I knew, they were dragging me into the police station for questioning. :

”So Ace.” said the officer, “What made you think to spike Liam’s drink while they were gone?” 

I took a deep breath then spoke. “That wasn't like a drug.. It was kinda like a flaverpaket, like when you don’t want to make a drink.” I sounded like I was telling the truth.

“So if it was a flaverpackit what was the flavor? Do they like that kind of flavor?!” The officer asked. “Plus why did you bring it to the house?”

“They were a.. pink lemonade pack.” I looked it out of my pockets and there were 3 packs and said “I bought 5 packs because they like it so much.” I said in an almost nervous tone.

“Okay so last question, how did they trust you to come into the house?” The officer said. “Tell me in full detail, I'm waiting.”

“Well, they trust me a lot because of how well of a friend I was to them.” I said

“Well, you can leave now, thank you for your time.” The officer said as he pushed his chair in and prepared to leave.

After that it felt like 300 questions. When I left I took a deep breath. It was hard to lie about how uncomfortable the seats were. They felt like metal and my butt was not thanking me for that. Liam got in trouble on how they should have told me to go home when they saw me. But they told their parents that they were too scared to tell me about me being a good friend then their old friends.


            After all of that, I moved to Greece to attend  a new college and to escape the bad tension there. I’ve been here for the last 7 years and luckily there was a nice guy named Ethan. Ethan was a really good friend to me just like Liam on how they both are  organized when I visit. It felt nice to be honest. But one thing was that he had really muscular arms and it made me want to eat them based on how delicious they look.

It has been 15 months and we both were really good friends and I still have not attempted to eat him for a long period of time. I don’t know why, but I just wanted to stay with him and not consume him at all… but I made my decision when I first saw him and I want to eat the ones that are beautiful.


“Hey Ethan, can you help me translate some poems please?” I asked,  “I need to learn it for class.” I felt nervous for the first time. I didn't know what was wrong with me.

“Sure, Ace I would help you even with anything you want help with.” He said

Shocked at what he said, I let it slide from my head. I did not want to show how I was feeling right now. “Let's start tomorrow. Since it is Sunday, it will be a good start for it.” He said with a calming smile.



To be continued…