Creative Writing Club » Our Screams and Ice Cream By Angelynett Castillo

Our Screams and Ice Cream By Angelynett Castillo

When me and my 3 friends went out of school on a Friday afternoon on the last day of school, there was an ice cream truck with a man that looked weird. However, it was ice cream so we did not care at all! We just wanted ice cream in the hot June month it was. So off we went to buy ourselves a treat.

My best friend Katie, AKA my twin sister, told us she would pay for the strawberry sherbert ice cream that we all wanted. We were all thrilled by this offer. When my friend Ava was helping my other friend Benjamin to hold our ice cream, Benjamin smelled something bad. He took one whiff of the ice cream and made a look of disgust. He still ate the ice cream, because it was hot and he was already excited. He couldn’t wait to take a bite out of the cold sweet ice cream. Soon, he realized that the ice cream had something hard and mysterious in it. It was a body part of some sort!! It was mushy yet tough, and he almost choked on what seemed to be a piece of bone! Soon Benjamin realized that this was not a normal ice cream truck but like a road kill one.

“YUCK! DISGUSTING” he shouted as he spat out the pieces of flesh and ice cream.

As soon as Benjamin realized that something was not right about the ice cream, he alerted his crew. When his crew found out, the ice cream man quickly got in his seat and drove off. He sensed that he was discovered and he made a run for it. But Ava had her phone and took a picture of the license plate, even his face to show for evidence to the police. My sister Katie called the police and told them what happened. A couple minutes later, the police arrived and Ava showed the license plate to them and the face of the person. Soon the police officer said to us that he was an escaped convict that was put into jail because he got caught trying to eat a human being... alive!! So he was a cannibal. We all were so shocked and disgusted. Were we now cannibals because we mistakenly ate his gross ice cream?

Soon the police had a phone call and some people said that their ice cream tasted weird even the smell of it. We realized that the man was on the run. The cops kept chasing him. Then they went on live TV just to warn others about the situation that was going on about the man. Me, Katie,Ava, and Benjamin looked at each other trying to guess what would happen next! We anxiously hoped that he would be caught and stopped. Nobody deserves to be put through what he did to us. So the chase went up to 3 hours and was still on TV, but soon the man disappeared without a trace. Then Katie realized what the man was doing so she told us how he disappeared. She told us that he was doing the 3 hour chase to distract them from what he was going to do to try and get out of the situation.

Well, 1 week later there was still no trace of that man. Then... we heard a knock on the door. When we checked, we saw it was a package that my aunt Grace said she would send me and Katie. We both were excited to see the package we waited for 2 months. It was a music player that was from the 1900s. It was cool because we did not have to charge the music player with music that I used to hear when we were kids… I missed the good old days.

Then, there was another mysterious knock on the door. I answered and then I saw kids laughing in a bush so I knew they were playing a game called ding dong ditch. So when I heard another knock at the door… a louder and more intense knock, I just did not answer. That was a mistake I made! I heard screaming and high pitched evil laugh. Soon I saw the calendar. It was the day of the purge. I ran and tried to get some of my important stuff just to get away from the doors and windows. I helped Katie with her stuff too but I was worried about Benjamin and Ava, my 2 only friends. So I texted them to see if they were rang and rang and then suddenly all I heard was, “help me and Ava!” Soon I saw my house windows and doors broken, the glass shattered and the door was kicked into the floor. It was not safe so I threw my stuff in the basement and helped my sister with her stuff. I had to help, we both were home alone. We hid in complete silence.

The official purge was now here. Noone was safe. This ice cream man must’ve come back just in time to stir up trouble for us. I thought next month would be the day, but now I only had 19 hours to stay here then call the cops and help even get new furniture.

I knew the ice cream man would be back to take revenge on us for telling the cops about his trick. But where was he now? We anxiously awaited his next move...