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The Mysterious Door By Aria Rose

Warning: This may get really scary for some people so if you get scared easily you have been warned

Some blood is also mentioned in this story

“Kimberlyn, wait for me!” I yelled across the hallway. She turned around and looked at me for a moment, then she turned away and kept on walking. “Rude much” I whispered to myself. When I got to the classroom I noticed Kimberlyn at the table, I sat down and glanced at her. She looked at me, then her eyes all of a sudden turned brighter. “Nevaeh!” she screeched quietly. I looked at her with a confused expression. “What's wrong?” she asked. “What's wrong!? Is that seriously all you have to say, not even an apology.” I said angrily. She just stared at me as if I was the one who should apologize for yelling. “What am I supposed to apologize about anyway?” She asked. I ignored her and she was NOT happy about it. She kept on shaking me and asking me to answer her until the teacher came in. I glanced at her and saw her pouting. “Mrs.Anderasin, can I go use the bathroom?” Emily asked. “Don’t take too long,” Mrs.Anderson said. As she left I noticed her hair changing color, and watched as she left the classroom.

“Class, may I please get your attention!” Mrs.Anderson yelled. All eyes were now on her. “Kimberlyn is headed home due to some severe allergies.” she said. I was shocked. First she ignores me in the hallway and acts like nothing happens, then her hair starts changing color, and now all of a sudden she’s having allergies!? I never even knew she had allergies! “Now back to the lesson” Mrs.Anderson said. I just sat there at my desk unable to focus. I wrote down a small schedule for myself to do after school.

Operation Find Out What Kimberlyn is Hiding From Me

  1. Tell mom that I’m going to Kimberlyn’s house

  2. Head towards Kimberlyn's house to ask her questions

  3. Get a snack from the Convenient Store on the way there

  4. Knock on the door and ask for permission to go inside

  5. Ask Kimberlyn about her allergies, hair changing color, and why she ignored me in the hallway.

  6. Head home

P.S. buy groceries on the way home so you don’t get scolded for being out for too long

Operation Go time!

“Time to find out her secrets'' I said to myself when class finally ended. I went home, talked to my mom about it and said that I can go for an hour or two. “Thank you so much mom!” I screeched. “No problem sweety.” She replied. I then put my list, wallet, and clipboard into my purse. “Bye mom!” I said walking out of the door. “Bye” She yelled back. I then took out my list, put it on the clipboard and crossed out 1. Tell mom that I’m going to Kimberlyn’s house. I smiled, hopped onto my bike and went to the convenience store to buy myself a little snack to eat on my way to her house.

The Big Fail

Once I got to her House I took out the clipboard with the list on it and crossed out 2. Head towards Kimberlyn’s house to ask her questions and, 3. Get a snack from the Convenient Store on the way there. I went up to the door and knocked on it. No reply. I knocked on the door again. Still no reply. I was getting a bit impatient. Then finally a tall guy with blonde hair opened the door. “Who the heck is this guy? '' I asked myself. I shook my head and looked at him. “What do you want, girl?” he said. His voice was really really deep. “Umm is Kimberlyn home?” I asked. “Kimberlyn? Who the heck is that?” he replied, “No girl named Kimberlyn lives here, you have the wrong address. I looked at the address on the door. Then I looked at my phone scrolling through the messages me and Kimberlyn had. “She said that her house address was 7514 though” I replied, and showed him my phone. “Welp, she lied to ya then” he said and shut the door in my face.

A Door?

I was heading back for my bike when I looked up at the house and noticed a small figure by the window. I was trying to figure out who was at the window and gave up once it disappeared. I peddled to the grocery store, bought some food for mom and put all of the food into the basket on my bike. I then started pedaling back home. That's when I noticed a strange door in an alleyway. I got off of my bike and asked people what it was. No one was able to see the door. I started getting a bit scared. I got back onto my bike, looked back at it and saw people just walking right through the door. “Calm down, Nevaeh, you're just imagining iit.” I said to myself and peddled off. Once I got home I gave my mom the groceries and thanked me for getting them. I went upstairs headed towards my bedroom when I noticed a door in the hallway that I had not seen before. I tried opening it but it wouldn’t budge. “This door is like trying to get an elephant through a door.” I whispered to myself. I gave up and went to my room.


Once I got to my room and opened the door I freaked out. “AHHHHHHHH” I screamed at the top of my lungs, terrified. There was BLOOD ALL OVER MY ROOM. I ran back down the stairs to see my mom GONE, there it was the same door that I saw in the hallway and in the alleyway right next to each other in the kitchen. I started freaking out and reached for my phone to call 911. “I’m sorry but the number you tried dialing does not exist, try 9-1-4-3-” I hung up the phone and tried again and again but it wasn’t working. The phone kept on saying the exact same thing over and over again. I tried one last time and then it said, “STOP DIALING THIS NUMBER BEFORE YOU ARE NEXT” I instantly dropped the phone and saw the two doors opening.

I started walking backwards away from the doors. Then I saw Kimberlyn behind both of the doors. A sign then appeared in between both doors. The sign read, “CHOOSE THE REAL KIMBERLYN AND YOU AND YOUR MOTHER WILL BE ABLE TO ESCAPE THIS PLACE, CHOOSE THE WRONG ONE AND YOU BOTH DIE” I was terrified at this point. I fainted and woke up in a dark room. “Where am I?” I whispered. Looking around the room unable to move. All of a sudden the lights turned on and I saw my mom passed out in a chair and two Kimberlyn’s.

Both of them were holding a knife with a bunch of blood on it. They asked at the same time, “Who is the real one, Nevaeh?” They had a really creepy expression on their faces. “Hurry up before this poor woman dies in her beauty sleep.” they said. “I-I-I-I I DON’T THINK ANY OF YOU GUYS ARE KIMBERLYN!” I screamed. “Nevaeh,, no need to scream, we can assure you that one of us is the real one.” They said. “NO, stop lying to my face Kimberlyn would never do something like this.” I replied. They were definitely not happy; they started screaming, saying that I was an awful friend for not even recognizing her.

Next thing I know I wake up in the middle of complete whiteness. “Am I in heaven?” I asked myself. I started walking around and all of a sudden I fell through the floor and woke up in my bed. I walked down the stairs and saw my mom. I took a deep breath and smiled. “Hey mom, I had the weirdest dream ever. Where Kimberlyn acted all strange at school and then she tried killing us. Haha, thank goodness it was only a dream!” I said. “Oh, really strange I don’t think that was a dream.” She said. “What do you mean?” I looked up at her and asked. Then she turned her head and I was terrified once more. Her eyes were GONE! I started running for the door as the walls closed in. “Sweety, why are you running, don't you love me?” She asked. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I screamed.


Or is it just the beginning of a new adventure?