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The Tale of Legends By Andres Fel Mera

tale of legends

Today seemed like the perfect day, until he showed up, Mad Dog. In these difficult times there is only one man that can stop him and his name is Daryl. Daryl is a man with unknown powers, he can stretch his whole body his hand alone can go 40 feet! Daryl is the only man who can stop Mad Dog. To learn how it all started we have to go backwards.

I was at home playing video games when my friend Daryl showed up at the door. He was screaming with excitement and he yelled “LOOK AT THIS”.

I was confused, I just saw a box with a big purple fruit and a blonde hair. There was a note that said “If you are reading this you have been chosen to have magical powers to save the world and if you do not eat these items the world as you know it will disappear.

Daryl and I looked at each other. We were confused and looked at the fruit. On the fruit there was a note that said “eat me” and there was a hair that said “eat me.” We both knew that this decision would change our lives forever but because we were too curious we did it anyway. We stared at each other and we were silent.That's when I said “ok, ok we have to make a decision. I want to eat the fruit, you do too, so let’s settle this the only possible way - Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

We looked at each other knowing this was going to be the most intense game of our lives. I said “Rock Paper Scissors - I chose rock!” Then Daryl - right when he was about to choose - grabbed the box and ran away and ate the fruit.


With him eating the fruit the only thing that was left was for me to eat the hair. I was nervous and as I put the hair in my mouth, I realized - What Am I doing?I am eating a piece of hair that tastes like spinach and I hate Spinach! Once I swallowed the hair, I felt a burst of energy come into my body. Daryl got disappointed and said “I don't feel any different. What a scam.”

“Well Daryl, maybe it has to kick in first.”

“Hopefully these things do something. C’mon let's go inside.” Daryl said, and as he stretched, his arm shot up into the air like a hand cannon and broke through my ceiling, going completely through my roof! I was shocked! There were millions of thoughts flying through my mind.

“Da- Daryl What did you just do? My roof is gone.”

“Well Andres on the bright side THE POWERS WORK.”

"Dude you know my mom is going to murder me right?” I said.

"Well it's not my fault”.

"How is it not your fault you brought the box, you ate the fruit, and you broke my Roof!”

“Ok then it's partly my fault.” Daryl admitted.


“Well we can’t change the past so what are we going to do about your broken roof I mean it’s in pieces.”?

“I don't really have anything in mind and we can't tell her about the box. She will think we are lying and broke it.”

“There is something we can do.” Daryl said.

“What is it?”

“Tell her we were nuked by the government”

“That is the most stupid idea I've ever heard. Let’s do it.”

Daryl and I put mud on ourselves and we went in.

“Hello boys, how are you?” My mom asked.

“MOM Look at us WE WERE NUKED by the government!”


“I have no idea and well, you're listening and singing to Katy Perry at full volume so.”

Then we all heard a loud crash outside. We went to check it out. My Instincts told me to go closer to the explosion so as soon as we got out the door I made a break for it. Daryl also made a break for it and followed me.

Daryl said “What are you doing Andres!”

“I have no Idea, I can’t stop. What are you doing!?”

“I- I have no Idea I can't stop Either.”

As we went closer we saw a huge metal robot with 4 arms destroying the city. We stopped, confused on what we would do next. Daryl had an Idea and said, “Andres this is crazy but I will throw you, I'm gonna throw you and you punch the robot.”

I responded in shock “You want to throw me? Throw me to a 500 Foot Robot that is probably stronger than my mom’s chancla. DO YOU KNOW HOW STRONG THAT IS!?”

“Yeah, that's Exactly what I want to do, and what is a chancla?

I said calmly “Ok. Just get it over with. Let’s see what I can do, and Daryl a chancla is a sandal, but to my mom it is a weapon.”

We were both nervous and Daryl Yelled “Let's do this - GUM GUM LAUNCH!”

I was in the air. I was looking at all of the broken buildings in the city and I got angry. That's when I felt that rush of power and yelled “DETROIT SMASH!”I punched the robot in mid air and it’s entire robot parts exploded and me with it. I went flying and I could not stop my fall. My arm was broken and I was in pain the entire time. Luckily, Daryl was able to catch me with his incredibly long noodle arms.

I told Daryl, “dude I don’t think I'm gonna make it. Carry on and leave me here.”

Daryl said “Man up - like you all you did was break your arm, you'll be fine.”

I just stared at Daryl as I was hurt then out of nowhere we saw a man with a VERY long beard say “Come with me if you want to live.”

Seeing as we had no other option, we had to follow Long beard grandpa.

He took us to a place that was very dark and looked like a cave. We kept walking and walking. Everywhere we went it looked like a dead end until the old weird guy said “Well here we are: superhero paradise.”

Daryl and I thought he was crazy and I said “Superheroes are not real and powers are not real either.”

“Well then what do you think you have sonny boy?”

Daryl responded “I mean, he has a good point, and where is the paradise? I see nothing.”

The old man put his hand on a button and the door magically opened. When we went inside it was no longer dark. I looked around and I was amazed. To the left of me I saw 20 people shooting FIRE BALLS AT EACH OTHER! To the right of me I saw people with all different types of powers. They had ice powers, lighting powers, and earth powers.

The old man stopped me and said “Go to the nurse's office or as we call her recovery girl. You have to go get that arm checked out or you'll be more loose than a penny's bottom.

I responded “I have no clue what that means but I will go anyway.”

After I got healed I met back up with everyone and they told us that we had to stay for a couple of days to train before we could go back out to the real world. The days passed, Daryl and I were so excited to go out on our first superhero mission. We met up with the person who was leading the whole organization. The person’s name was Rocky. Rocky had an assistant. The assistant's name was Mad Dog! Apparently Mad Dog's name was Jason and then Mad Dog because before he had a dog and he was always mad and then sadly the dog went to a better place. He went to Mad Dog’s mom’s house because Mad Dog was always working. Rocky told us that there were ranked missions. Missions sorted by D,C,B and A. Rocky thought we were ready and he said “You guys have been training very hard and I think you guys are ready for a C rank mission, it isn't going to be hard but it is a mission.

Daryl said “Well it’s better than sitting around here doing nothing.”

I then asked “So what will we do on the mission?’

Rocky told us that there were some thieves on the other side of the city that needed to be stopped. Apparently the thieves only had a record of having some pretty weak thefts and their leader's name was Tyler. The thieves stole some chips, and soda but what they have a record for is hurting people. If someone gets in the way of the thieves, well it's not pleasant. Rocky also told us that from their recent intel they are planning something big and they need us to stop it.

A couple of hours later after a long walk, Daryl and I were ready to beat up some thieves. Daryl and I took a deep breath and busted open the wooden door with our feet and what we saw was crazy. We saw a kung fu training place, a dojo to be exact with a lot of punching dummies and it smelled like sweat. We could hear grunting coming from the dojo and then I asked “Is Tyler here?”

We were greeted by some ripped guys who looked like they weighed 400 pounds and their muscles were probably bigger than half of my body. Daryl and I went into the room and there we saw Tyler. He had a lot of backup bodyguard ninjas. Daryl and I had a strategy - we would play good cop bad cop. I said “Hey we were sent here by Rocky he told us that you guys are planning something so tell us what it is and we won’t hurt you.”

Tyler chuckled and said “HA! You little kids really think you can stop me, well here's a news flash. I have someone working on the inside and they ranked us a C rank mission but with our new backup we are at least an A rank mission now.”

Daryl was worried he was telling the truth and then Daryl tried to play it cool and said “Listen here buddy if you don't give us the information I will have no choice but to blow this place to bits. That’s right I GOT DYNAMITE AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO USE IT, SO GIVE ME THE INFO OR I WILL MAKE THIS PLACE GO BOOM!”

As soon as Daryl said that everyone started laughing; they could not stop. Daryl and I knew this was a good thing because while they were not looking we sent out an emergency SOS back to the cave so we could get help. A few moments later, they came back and took down all of the bad guys. After they took them out, they found a door and they did not know where it would lead to. They opened it and found Mad Dog, and with him, a bunch of evil plans to gain world domination. There were blueprints, the place was dark, and then we saw Mad Dog making a run for it. We were not able to catch him and he escaped. We knew we could not get him so we went back to the cave.

Everybody was shocked that Mad Dog was working for the bad guys. Rocky then suggested we locate Mad Dog with the chip he managed to place on him and Daryl, a few other kids and I go to take him down. I was confused and I asked “Why are none of the grownups coming with us? I mean this is a dangerous mission.”

Rocky responded with “Well, we have our own missions to tend to and I believe in you guys.”

So just like that, Daryl and I were on our own until we saw someone running our way. They had white hair and a white shirt and looked like a nice person. They said “Hey my name is Killua. Rocky told me you guys were going to fight Mad Dog, mind if I join”?

I respond with “I guess, the more the merrier.”

We left the cave and we were ready to battle. As we left, we knew it would be a long night until we got to our destination. We would have to go on a bus or a train and we knew it would take forever. aryl then asked Killua, “So what powers do you have Killua?”

Killua responded, “Well I have super speed and I also have lighting.”

Daryl and I looked at each other and we knew our next move. I told Killua, “Well if you have super speed, just carry us and we'll make it there faster. I mean the only reason we don't use Daryl to fling us across the city is because people will notice, but with your speed you'll be able to bring us no problem.”

Killua said “Well I guess it’s worth a shot.”

Killua dropped on the floor and told me to go on his back. A few seconds passed and I was there. Then it was Daryl’s turn. He went on his back and he was next to me a few seconds later. Daryl and I were speechless. We went so fast we didn't even know what happened. I asked Killua “H-How did you even do that? We were there, then here, I don't understand!”

Killua chuckled and said “HAH you should see the looks on your faces, it's priceless and Daryl you better lay off the McDonalds.”

We looked in front of us and we saw a Laboratory named Mad Dog’s Mad House.

We went inside and we saw test tubes, gas masks and a door that said “Do Not Enter.” As kids, we entered the door because it seemed reasonable at the time. When we entered we could not believe what we saw. We were looking at weapons. Some looked like they were connected to a fire outlet and an ice outlet and looked like some type of high tech weapons. In the room we also saw Mad Dog and he lost his marbles. Literally - he had a jar of marbles and he dropped them! Mad Dog started running away. We cornered him and we were ready to fight. Mad Dog held up his fists and said “RELEASE”. The next thing we saw was a lot of weapons coming out of Mad Dog’s backpack. Mad Dog put his metal weapons in his hand and yelled “EXPLODE.” The next thing we knew we were all on the ground and my left hand was broken. Daryl and Killua had Mad Dog cornered, then afterwards Daryl swung at Mad Dog but missed. Killua then grabbed him with his lightning speed and I tied him up with gorilla tape. We went outside with Mad Dog and saw a helicopter. They told us to hop on and we were back in the cave in no time. Rocky congratulated us and said how it was impressive how after a few weeks of training people can really become LEGENDS.

The End