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Two Tails of Fiery Heroes By Tony Brawl

Two tails coverOne day John stepped outside and he found an atomic war. A giant 20 foot geared up shark was standing outside on his tail fin and he had on him a missile launcher and hit everyone and everything in its path. The look on John’s face was priceless and it looked like he was going to die of fear when he saw that the next thing near the shark was him. He said his final goodbyes to his family and friends and all of a sudden… “beep, beep, beep” it was all a dream.

When he looked out the window, however, the 20 foot Shark was still there and now it was fighting a 20 foot missile launching T.rex. Luckily, they weren’t interested in killing people, the shark wanted to kill fishermen and the T. rex wanted to destroy asteroids. After the shark and T.rex stopped the wrecked town looked as if a war had just ended. The buildings were completely wrecked except for some of their bases that were partially standing. The air was dusty and there were still some small rocks flying in the air. The roads and sidewalks were covered in sand and dirt. Just when it seemed that it couldn't have gotten any worse the Shark and T.rex started to go off at each other. The shark slashed at the T.rex with its big teeth and threatened to launch out some missiles. The T.rex responded to the Shark by launching an Ultimate Death Missile and when it struck there was a Super heat wave. The temperature was about 70 degrees Fahrenheit hotter in a 30 meter bubble around the explosion. When the epic fight had ended they had left the city more wrecked than it was before. It was in crumbs like a broken cookie after the fight was over. The shark and T.rex both dissolved into the earth and there was no trace of them ever again.

A huge earthquake shook the ground and the ground was filled with cracks. There were orange and blue lights fighting each other to shine. In an instant the ground shot open and the Shark and T.rex came back to life. This time, however, they were fighting D15, an evil inventor who took planets over with his robots. D15 was an evil robotic dog/alien hybrid who would fly around in his mini saucer that could only fit 1 person. The t-rex and the shark knew they had to do something about it and they had to join each other. They used mini grenades and laser guns to defeat the mini bots. These bots looked like small robots with boxing gloves. It wasn’t easy because the Shark and T.rex were big so they moved slower than the fast bots that were the size and weight of a healthy human. They thought that they had won until D15 took out D7R3, a giant 45 foot tall robot T.rex. He was so strong that he could wipe out New York alone in 1 day with no superhero disturbances.

“This is hopeless. We are close to death. This Robo rex is huge compared to us” said the Shark in a fearful tone.

T.rex replied “I agree this is very big but we can’t be sure unless we try.'' But they knew that they were the only ones that could stop him. The robo rex didn’t play easy and smashed at both of them and the fight lasted nearly 3 minutes before it was clear who the winner was. Threatened by an Ultimate Death Missile the T. rex and shark had to back down or they would be done for good.

They went to a secret underground cave and they went there for training for 3 months. They trained there because villains couldn’t get to them. While they were training the city was being ruled by the ignorant D15. He thought that they gave up but he was very wrong. Turns out that after training they went to a secret lab and they got GIGA transformed. With this GIGA transformation each one of them was 5 times better than robo rex. So, when they went back the robo was wrecked In seconds and D15 then had missiles capable of wrecking Pluto pointed at him. He had to leave for good and the city was then given to the mayor.

T.rex and shark went back to their secret land until 500 years later. This secret land was accessed through a heavy door that would open with the key card that only they had. In this secret land they could do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. It was almost like their dream land but it was a reality not a dream. For those 500 years there were very few storms and other natural disasters just to prepare them for world destruction. All the storms on earth would be released at once and they would have great power to cause widespread death. The plan D15 had made was so that all the tension on the earth that would normally be released in the form of bad weather would not be released. If everything went according to plan then all the tension would be stored up and dumped out all at once making super storms. Turns out that D15 wasn’t done yet and he secretly put down a device that gave him access to the world. With this he controlled the world's weather and all the things that happened on it. Using his device he held back all natural disasters and after 500 years he let them all go and harmed the earth. The way that D15 managed to still live was all because of his 75% robotic body and 25% Alien in him. Since he was 75% robotic and robots don’t die they just get repaired and recharged he just recharged himself and his robotic side would boost up his alien side so that way unless the parts in him that recharge the alien side got damaged and were not repaired then he was immortal. It was up to the T-rex and the shark to stop it all or else they and everything else on earth would be wrecked.

“How could we possibly beat anyone who is that much stronger than us and is immortal?” questioned the T.rex to the shark.

The Shark replied “I don’t know but we are also immortal and there are 2 of us and 1 of him.” “Still I think we need some help from an expert. They then had to find a master that could train them well for war. So they went to master Oscari who showed them powerful ways to attack without mass destruction weapons. After staying with Oscari for 24 days and nights, they were ready and all their Giga powers drained from them from the training that they got. They thanked him and they flew up to their space station.

When they got there they got ready for war and all of a sudden it rained missiles. These were no ordinary missiles, these were the type that could wreck up all of North America in 1 hit. These missiles were sent down from one of D15’s ships and the missiles were supposed to take down the space station and crush parts of the earth. Each one was 15 feet tall and weighed 10-20 tons. In addition to all of that, after the explosion the ground would be severely cracked in the area where the missile hit. Knowing all of that the shark and T-rex had to act fast. The missile was traveling at a speed of about 250 MPH and it was heading straight for the shark. They then remembered what the master had told them before they left, “In times of distress just use your inner power.”

When they tried to use their inner power they felt powerful and that they could rule the world and then they knew what he was talking about. This ability was a strong move and it could range from giving them boosts to dealing lots of damage. When the T-rex used his attack, he shot out a big asteroid straight for the missile. When they collided the explosion was so strong and bright that if it had happened on earth or on the ground, it would have broken off half the earth. The sound was so loud you would think that the explosion was happening next to you. The light made by the explosion was so bright that it looked as if there were 2 suns but the “new one” was brighter. Thankfully, the explosion only lasted for about 2 minutes but it was still something. Then they saw it, they had just defeated 1 out of around 200 of those missiles and it was then that they knew that they had to step up their game. At that point they were just right between the earth and space and the shark started to think about using his ability. The shark then used his ability which was to shoot out a giant wave and that wave was so big it could flood the whole surface of Uranus. Using this, the shark flooded all the missiles in 1 hit and they all made a sound so loud it would be heard from 1 lightyear away, but there was no fire.

When they thought that they had won, they saw D15 in his mini saucer. They had a grand fight and at the end there was blood, there were robotic deaths but after 3 hours that felt like 3 years, the missile launching dino and shark won. However, the city was a great mess and it needed to be cleaned up. All the buildings were wrecked, the cars were like squashed grapes, and the tallest mountains of the earth were half the size.

The Shark said “we need to gather the community and we will work together and we will get this city rebuilt.” First they asked local offices to make flyers to spread the word. The restaurants provided all the people with food and drink. With the whole community helping out to rebuild the city they were able to get it done in about 5 months. They had rebuilt a total of 6 skyscrapers, 2,000 houses and 500 workplaces.

The shark and T.rex knew that their time to go was near and so they spent the next 3 months teaching the humans about how they were made, why they have superpowers, and why they had to go. When it was time to explain all of this, they were in a lab and they all got sucked into a portal and then they heard “You will now know more information about the great fights and wars between The Giga Shark and Giga Dino and you will find out what happened to D15 and more.” All the people felt a mix of being afraid and excited.

“First there were only 3 beings and they were a shark, T.rex, and a master strategist. They all ruled the empty universe together UNTIL the shark said that we should try to build a dimension with living things. The T.rex and master strategist disagreed and they kept on fighting about this for weeks. After that the Shark went off into a private lab that he made and he made the dimension and he went into the portal.”

At that point all the people in the portal were amazed at the cool sights that they saw until the sky went black and the machine broke down and they saw the land of the dinosaurs. After seeing that the dino and master strategist came and there was a great fight. In the end it was determined that they would each take a third of everything and by taking their share there would be peace and if they fought one another their piece of land would suffer and die. After the narrator said that the portal brought the people back home and the giga shark said in a sad voice “we still have this mess to take care of.”

All the humans worked with the shark and T.Rex and they got the city cleaned up and fixed. It was no easy job because they needed lunch for the people and the materials to fix everything cost a lot and they had to keep an eye out so no villains would get out and distort what they rebuilt. While the buildings were being rebuilt the people needed to have fun to boost their happiness and they did that by ending work at 6pm to play brawl stars.

After 10 months all the necessary buildings were rebuilt and people went back to work and kids went to school. The people lived in happiness and everyone was happy… everyone except for D15 who sits in anger thinking about his failure. The world was peaceful until the end of times.