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Welcome to our story showcase!
Our authors have worked hard to bring you this years crop of stories. Click the cover to read.
2021-22 Stories are posted below. Previous years stories can be found in the panel at side or bottom.
We hope you enjoy!

After Our Stars Collide cover

By: Adeline Ingram & Arlette Clèment

Synopsis: Sixteen year old Lillian Wilson is recovering from her tragedy; when she was just a kid she was diagnosed with cancer, she's now living her best life along with her best friend, Sam. Lillian and Sam have been best friends since they were kids, however, when she goes to one of her appointments with the doctor, she finds out she never won the battle against cancer. It's still haunting her and this makes her school days temporary, but is her friendship with Sam too?

I'm the monster cover

By Angelynett C


Synopsis: A cannibalistic narrator gets caught up in a thrilling case while attending college.  After fleeing the country, he runs into another likely victim.  Will Ethan make it out alive?  Will it be another close call like Liam?

Oil and Water cover


Synopsis: As summer vacation comes to an end, life for Elysia will become drastically different as she returns back to school.  While school is her main getaway from her grumpy and dysfunctional uncle, she will face more twists and turns she’d never imagined.

Forget me not cover


brought to you by Kaede


A simple love story. A boy and a girl grow to be close, intimate friends. Together, the two create memories. Tune in to the blossoming relationship of a benevolent boy and an apathetic girl; a slow burn romance made simplified.

The cycle cover

Synopsis: A mistake veiled by lies forced her into an endless tragic loop.


With the scent of bagels cover

By: Carassius Naci


Synopsis: Down the corner resides a bagel shop where customers can lay off their load, smell the aroma of coffee, and pick up their baggage consecutively. Such is the way of the people in a swift moving, busy city; not much free time can be garnered by the people. However, this is what makes the mundanities in the city special; the warmth of a coffee mug, the smooth furs of a dog, the taste of a succumbing bagel— where such dull things become serenity. But at the arrival of a rivaling bagel shop— run by a self-absorbed feline— the serenity is quickly disrupted and taken away, and Owner and Dog will have to face obstacles whilst taking it back.

Love to hate cover
By Jaz

Synopsis: Lovers that love the world only to realize deeper into their world to find that it wasn’t how they wanted it. Lucia Arian and Alexander Jakson, two high school students with a love for photography meet and share unforgettable moments together. Not knowing they have met before.

Hiding in my happiness cover


By Maryeli Reyes


Synopsis: Take a trip down memory lane as I share some of the highs and lows of my life.  With all that has happened, I’ve remained focused on my life goal and nothing will stop me from achieving it. 

Christmas at briarcliff manor cover

By: Mia Ballinas


Synopsis: Christmas has arrived, and Victoria Montgomery is miserable to be spending the holiday at Briarcliffe Manor, an abandoned mansion that has just been renovated by a rich duchess. The host has invited all of her closest friends to a Christmas party, which is definitely not up Tori’s alley, despite her mother’s insistence that she act like a proper lady. She is convinced that the weekend won’t lead to anything exciting- until on Christmas Eve morning, the duchess lies murdered in her bedroom. It seems like all the guests have something to hide, and even the manor itself holds secrets. Tori and fellow detective, Samuel, must find out the truth about the the murder in time for them- and all the guests- to have a merry Christmas.

The pigeon army cover

by: Kit Tenmruczek


Synopsis: Astrid is growing up in Maspeth during world war II. Her family raised pigeons for the war. She becomes bonded to one and later, they find their way back to each other.

The cycle of Purple Cover
By: Sasha Lin Orr

Synopsis: A group of people struggle to survive and escape from a mysterious kidnapping.  There’s only one way out… or is there a way out at all?

The copy cat demon cover

By: Aria Rose

Synopsis: Sarah and her girlfriend Gabriella were college students, school was closed for a few days because of a mass murderer going around the place.  Sarah has a nightmare of Gabriella with pitch black eyes, except it’s not a nightmare.  Now Gabriella needs to find a way to escape these demons.  Will she make it out alive?  Finish reading to find out.

A and house of V cover
By: Koi Fei

Synopsis:  A letter arrived from a far-away kingdom -- Estelle Kingdom. Aloe's grandfather who had been acting abnormally showcased this letter and unfolded it as a journey to leave home. Aloe had reluctantly obeyed his words, but was immediately petrified by the clashing swords that followed. All alone, she persevered, venturing through the dense inner forest surrounding the coast of her home. She who had been kept away from the ‘real world’ was picked up by a mischievous girl with unknown intentions to repay a certain favor.

The troubled life of an orphan

By: Amari Abraham








-Mentions of human trafficking. (Only in the beginning of the story and some mini parts of the story)

-The word damn or damnit because of the stress the characters feel.


Tools you might need while reading:

-hexadecimal translation

-Binary to Text Translator

-Mythical Animals used (Another source of mythical animals used)

Dream Realm

by Leyanna Fernandez

the tale of toby

By: Andres Mera


Synopsis: When two siblings Adrian and Rosita were nervous for their science project they decided to make a machine that let them communicate with their dog Toby. Little did they know that machine would have a major problem and cause Adrian and Rosita to try to help out their dog and go on many fun different adventures.