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Our writers worked hard for weeks to create these stories. If you enjoyed, let them know! It feels good for a creator to hear that their work was appreciated. Leave them a thank you/feedback with the button below. You can complete the form multiple times, once for each story you want to talk to the author about. We'll share your words with them.

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Two Tails of Fiery Heroes

By Tony Brawl

A missile launching Shark and a missile launching T.Rex, full of conflict between them must unite when they have to fight D15, the evil alien robo-dog and his giant Robo Rex. To defeat D15 they must go into training to have any chance to fight. The only thing that could defeat him are the two heroes.

Life of Survival

By Alicia Cruz

Zombies have taken over the city. How will you ever survive? As zombies growl all over the city streets, Willow creates strong connections with others. Adventures of fighting zombies and trying her best to save the world - Does she survive with other survivors? Is she all alone? Her fate is in your reading. Read Willows story on her survival.

The Ultimate War

By Bill Fusilli

A little brother wanted to prank his big brother, but it turned into something that came back and forth and ended up in a big mess. A small prank made a whole entire prank war that lasted for days. Read the story to see what they did and how they resolved their war.

The Tale of Legends

By Andres Fel Mera

One day a kid was playing video games when his friend went to his house house and brought a package containing two items and a note that said 'eat me'. Being curious, they ate the random mystery items. Suddenly, they realized that they were given magical powers. The kids then encounter an enormous robot terrorizing the city and a whole bunch of other wacky missions.

The Wizards of Anastia

By Valencia Dewberry

A riveting tale of mystery, magic, heroic quests, friendship and family.

"Wizards sound incredible don’t they? Wrong, they ruined the lives of many, forcing them to slave away in the castles. Oh, my apologies, my name is Philip Jepson. I’m a purebred wizard and I hate being one. Sure, I can control any liquid and all but we are used as military weapons. Are you wondering who “we” is? Okay, I’ll tell you. Over hundreds of kids, being trained for battle from ages eight to young adults. To the townspeople we appear to be heroes. But behind the giant walls of Lady Daisy’s castle are people who need heroes...."


By Anana Mouse

Aldric has been looking for the person who has cursed him for centuries on end. He comes across someone who was also cursed. They each vow to find their wrongdoers. But once Aldric finds out the truth of who cursed him. He wishes he hasn’t, as he was a horrific task with it that would haunt him. What was the truth of his curse? Will he complete the task he was given? Or spend his time isolated and wandering around the Earth, with no home to return to. Keep reading to find out what will become of Aldric and who is his new friend.

The Mystery of Bathroom Two

By Tory Lavat

A global virus causes schools to shut down and a group of friends notices something weird going on with one of their teachers after returning to school. Rebecca, Christina, Carrie, Jacob, and Jonathan pursue the mystery of what is happening inside bathroom two.

Long, Last Her

By Kaitlyn Arayata

A suspenseful tale of survival, power and love. "Long, Last Her" takes you through Iris and Kai's intense journey through the streets of New York city. From a glamorous life style and a newfound love, to a brutal execution, the couple fight for survival together. Who will make it out alive?

The Mysterious Door

By Aria Rose

A spooky tale of a concerned girl. Kimberlyn takes us through her scary adventure in concern for her friend. From a normal life, to a mysterious appearance. Does she make it out alive?

Read to find out.

Our Screams and Ice Cream

By Angelynett Castillo